A shopping mall is a place where, day by day, many people come to buy certain products and services; a good promotional strategy is essential to sell more of your products or services and sell them better. Therefore, in this post, we are going to tell you how to advertise in shopping malls and how to benefit from Digital Signage

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Keys to advertising in shopping malls

Hereby the key points to keep in mind when advertising in shopping malls.

  • Environment: it is usually a humanized and multichannel space, with a customer who wants information immediately.
  • Not only the brand is valued: the environment, respect for the environment, and social awareness are also taken into account; for this reason, companies that carry out Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) actions are more highly valued.
  • Customer: is a person, so you must establish a dialogue with them. This way, you can better communicate your message and the user will have a positive perception of your business; in addition, you must offer a shopping experience away from the competition and online commerce.
  • Powerful Digital Signage: This is the most recommended and powerful means of visual communication to transfer information. Its function is to target a specific audience, with personalized information and entertainment depending on the place and time. 
  • Recognizable message: quality before quantity; you must create a message that differentiates you from your competitors and that your potential customers will always remember.
  • Actions to enhance massive data collection: you can optimize all your company’s communication and marketing strategies; moreover, you can analyze customer behavior immediately.
  • The family audience is elementary: children’s loyalty clubs are a great strategy to generate a bond with the little ones so that they are eager to return to your business.
  • Engaging promotional actions: designed to attract the attention of the target audience that interests you at all times.

How to make the advertising delivery

The first thing you should analyze before advertising in shopping malls is what is your specific target audience; that is, the users you want to approach and who are your main customers.

Once you have it, you have to make a detailed study on the type of consumer that goes to each shopping mall, at what time each profile does it, on what dates they usually go more, or why they do it.

Once you have gathered all this information, you can choose the medium in which you want to promote your business and develop a message; this should be direct, striking, and clear.

According to a study conducted by the German Academy for Culture, Market, and Media, advertising displays in shopping malls are considered by users to be more attractive and inspirational; in other words, they are ideal for building a brand, promoting products, and attracting new customers.

In addition, customers are more open to advertising in shopping malls and consider these spaces as ideal places for the use of banner ads.

Then, you have to count on the help of the best professionals, so that they can elaborate your message and offer you the best results; no matter if it is a flyer or a screen, they will be able to transmit your information in the best possible way.

In short,  the first thing you must take into account is who is your target audience and know in detail all the information related to the mall and your potential customers.