Easyscreen: the energy behind Fit For Free

Fit For Free

With Easyscreen, Fit For Free has its own narrowcasting channel for all her gyms. The system offers its service to 80 locations in Belgium and The Netherlands with high quality content and local information.

How Fit For Free uses narrowcasting to improve communication

Easyscreen developed a special widget for Fit For Free which shows automatically what group lessons take place when due to a connection with their system. The program is managed from a central point, where all locations are served with a few pushes on buttons.

We also created other content on request for them, so all the messages are shown on screen in their branding.





The most used widgets by Fit For Free:

  • Schedule with all activities that take place in the gym.
  • Connection with the Fit For Free app which shows relevant information for the visitor.
  • Updates from their social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  • Videos from their streaming channel on YouTube.
  • Information of external parties that are linked to the gym, e.g. physiotherapists.
  • Promotions of products that are available, like bottles of water and sports articles.


This is what Fit For Free says about Easyscreen

"Our clients enjoy news and entertainment while sporting. Narrowcasting contributes to the complete Fit For Free experience."

Managing narrowcasting for all locations from one central point:

Cases like Fit For Free are a big success because they have a solution with which you can manage all your locations from one central point with intuitive narrowcasting software and show content when and where you want.

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