It is important to always show updated content on Digital Signage about the topical issues on your screens, especially in situations such as the current corona virus, as the information can make things easier for your users and keep them informed of all the news. It is in these difficult situations, that Digital Signage becomes a key tool to allow establishments to continue informing their customers in an easy and simple way.

Solutions and content related to corona virus

From Easyscreen, we have created technological solutions that can help you communicate better with your customers and, thus, avoid losing sales: capacity counting screens, widgets that direct traffic in your establishment, among others, are the solutions we offer.

We have also created informative content, so you can show it on your screens. Like this video that explains in detail why social distancing is important and how we can do it effectively. This content and others are available for use on our  Digital Signage platform.


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In order to display and manage the multimedia content mentioned above on the screens of your establishment, you need the help of Digital Signage software. Easyscreen offers you a content management system thought in detail and customized for you. It is an easy and fast platform to use that allows you to save time and communicate better.

As you can see, Easyscreen is a powerful and easy to use solution to communicate in these times; offering Digital Signage about Corona virus tailored to your needs. We invite you to try it for free at your business and see all we can do for you:

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