According to several studies, a person receives about 3,000 advertising exposures which means a company has a lot of competition. Therefore, it is obliged to use the best strategies to impact its potential customers. In this post, we show you everything you need to know about advertising on digital screens and the use of  Digital Signage.

publicidad en pantallas digitales

Reasons to advertise on digital screens

Here are some reasons why advertising on digital screens is a good option:

  • Visibility: movement captures a person’s attention; therefore, it is best to include moving audiovisual resources instead of still images.
  • Proximity to the end customer: advertising on screens influences the final decision to purchase a particular product or service.
  • Innovative system: the latest technology makes the difference and shows the user the idea that your business is constantly updated.
  • High impact: an image is often forgotten after a short time; on the other hand, a story is easier to remember.
  • Varied promotions: several products or brands can be promoted in the same support; this way, costs are profitable.
  • Low cost: advertising on digital screens allows to have a greater impact at the lowest price. Although its initial investment is higher, in the long run, it is much more profitable than traditional advertising.
  • More data: dynamic advertising allows a better reading and reach than traditional billboards.
  • Allows interaction: touch screens allow customer interaction with the brand, which generates a better experience and greater recall.
  • Possibility of special actions: advertising on screens can be used as a complement to other actions developed at the point of sale.

Common mistakes when advertising on digital screens

Investing in advertising on digital screens and Digital Signage usually involves a major investment. It is true that the benefits are impressive and that this investment will be quickly amortized, because as soon as you install it in the store display, it starts to be profitable, even so, there are some common mistakes you need to avoid:

  • Wasting technology: lack of creativity, willingness, or time makes companies that have digital screens miss their full potential and include static images instead of eye-catching videos or audiovisual resources that ensure the appropriate characteristics to this medium.
  • Inadequate advertising: you must take into account the dimensions of your audiovisual content (that are appropriate to the size of the screen), the text (must be large enough and proportional to the dimensions and location of the screen) and quality (a sloppy production can be the worst possible advertising).
  • Bad timing: if you are going to advertise in high traffic areas such as the one you can place in the advertising windows of your store, these ads shouldn’t exceed 10 seconds in length, so that they can be read while standing at a traffic light or walking down the street, for example. Therefore, they should be direct and they should include animations since it becomes a more dynamic message.
  • Not taking advantage of diversity: the excessive use of the same audiovisual material will make customers consider that your company is making little effort in advertising, which can be counterproductive, as it shows disinterest and a careless image of your brand. The diversity of advertising messages is one of the best ways to achieve a greater impact on the public and increase the positive perception of your brand.

In short, betting on advertising on digital screens is one of the best options to increase the visibility of your business; however, you have to bet on a dynamic, eye-catching and innovative message. In addition, you have to assess the dimensions of the screen and the timing of the message, so that it reaches all your customers most effectively.