Media Markt success story thanks to Digital Signage

Today we talk about digital advertising success stories. In an interview for, the company MediaMarkt stated that “we have made the omnichannel our strongest offer. We want our customers to feel that they have at their fingertips any product or service, either through physical stores or through its online store, in the shortest time possible and with maximum facilities”.

There are several strategies to make your business successful, but this is one of the most important ones. Therefore, we consider it relevant that you know the case of MediaMarkt.

What is omnicanality?

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Omnicanality is a type of strategy that is completely adapted to the needs and habits of the client. This type of strategy uses all communication channels to capture the consumer’s attention. The advantage of this strategy is that it can always be carried out in any communication channel without having to simply choose one. 

Omnicanality allows the client to choose the information channel that best suits him. What is the advantage? That the consumer can choose which medium to use to obtain a better shopping experience. 

How did Digital Signage contribute to Media Markt’s success? 

This digital technology is a means of communication that consists of broadcasting multimedia content through screens placed in different locations, carrying out both outdoor and indoor advertising campaigns. 

It is used in different industries to broadcast customized, branding-related content. Usually, the management of these contents is done through CMS software that allows to create and schedule videos remotely and send them to the screens in real-time.

How is Digital Signage used for omnicanality?

Mediamarkt has multiple advertising screens in its facilities. Some are indoor LED screens and others outdoor LED screens. On these advertising screens, they show marketing material in the shape of digital content according to the interests of their consumers. When the customer sees the content shown on the LED screens, they decide to continue obtaining more information through another channel (always through the channel they prefer). For example, when the individual arrives home they decide to enter the Mediamarkt website and make an online purchase of the product they saw on the screen.

Mediamarkt is committed to Digital Signage because it is one of the communication channels that most direct consumers to make the purchase action. Remember that for this strategy to work all your channels must be connected. On the contrary, you will not achieve your quantitative or qualitative objectives.

In which sectors can you carry out omnicanality?

Omnicanality can occur in all sectors: health care, offices, retailers, sports centers, leisure, restaurants, and education. It should be noted that currently, the retail sector is the one that is using this strategy the most.

Omnicanality not only occurs in the relationship between company and client but goes beyond that. For example, in the retail sector, most companies have their own physical and online store. This type of strategy can only be used, when the stock of products that are being controlled. So that the customer can award the product.

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Benefits of omnicanality for digital advertising success

As we have mentioned before, the omnicanality allows establishing a relationship between company and client because it allows the client to choose the channel he wants to be informed of.

Implementing an omnichannel strategy means obtaining two benefits:

  • Enhances brand image

To become one of the next digital advertising success cases, you can use many tools. The fact that there is a direct relationship between company and customer means that there is effective communication. Therefore, the omnicanality facilitates and improves the customer experience, resulting in a purchase. The moment the customer feels that his or her purchase experience has been positive, he or she will return, thus enhancing the name of the firm. 

  • Increases performance

Although it may not seem so, omnicanality is not exactly simple, but the moment it is carried out correctly, you will begin to appreciate great results. This strategy will make you more productive because it will allow you to obtain control of absolutely all the actions you want to carry out. 

Being in control means not making mistakes in front of your clients or potential customers. For example, internal management must be done correctly so that it does not interfere with the consumer’s purchasing process.

A satisfied customer

Media Markt asked Easyscreen to install hardware and software for two different LED walls in their Dutch offices. The existing LED walls were so different that the configuration was adjusted on site. All installations were successfully completed within 5 weeks.

Since the content of the video programs came from 4 different sources of information, we created the necessary links. This has allowed the Media Markt advertising agency to have complete content management for all its branches in the Netherlands. They are satisfied with the professional management and ease of use of the Easyscreen Digital Signage system.

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