Are you ready for effective digital signage? In addition to countless indoor and in-store possibilities, digital signage is extremely suitable for use in outdoor and public spaces. Moving images attract attention. This makes digital signage on the street the ultimate way to get people out of their mobile bubble. Do you want to know how you can be successful with digital signage in public spaces? Read on.

Want to inform large groups on the streets? Digital signage is the answer.

Whether they are waiting, walking, lounging, chilling, lying down, sitting, or running to the bus, with a digital signage display in the right place they can no longer ignore you. Literally. Especially in busy places, where there is a continuous demand for practical information. What are the public transport updates? What’s the weather forecast? Short, concise messages and information work best at busy locations. Alternate them with the information you want to communicate and you will reach a large audience. Do they have more time? Adjust your content and start giving more. Serve a mix of relevant information and useful tips.

Other places in the public space are also suitable for digital signage. An event or exhibition for example. At a museum, the public can get acquainted with what is being displayed inside. Give an overview of the work of the relevant artist, for example.

Narrowcasting in advertising.

Do you want to advertise on the street? It’s possible. Forget the billboards and posters. Go for digital signage! It offers advertisers great new opportunities, which are desperately needed because most people on the streets are focused on their mobile phones. Grab attention with moving images and hold them with relevant content at the right time by using digital signage. Lunchtime? Put sandwiches on the screens. Evening rush hour? Provide public transport info, alternated with your news about, for example, the latest fashion trends. It makes your screens extra interesting for other advertisers. *

Advertisers like to buy airtime of your displays because they can reach a specific target group at a specific moment.

* Want to know more about how you sell your screen time to advertisers? Here you can read everything about advertising with narrowcasting.

An experience owed to digital signage

With digital signage, the atmosphere in the public space improves and you provide thousands of consumers with useful information. Whether it’s a festival or a busy shopping day, everyone wants to know what’s going on. Drive them crazy with a one-off offer, the sandwich of the day, or one-off interactive events. You can reach thousands of people with a simple push of a button. Do you want to show them the way? Great idea! Groups find it incredibly pleasant to know where they are and where they need to be. And we are not just talking about the bar, toilets, or emergency exit…

Digital signage in public spaces is super interactive 

With the right content and the right links, you create a real dialogue in public spaces. Complete the interaction and by connecting your social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn) to your digital signage and letting people join in the conversation via a unique hashtag. From that moment you are with them on their mobile phones. How interactive do you want it to be?

Entertain in public spaces with digital signage

With digital signage, you have a beautiful stage for shopping. Alternate your information with a dash of entertainment and you will keep your viewers attention.

Entertainment is the ideal recipe to ease waiting times or to give a product or service a special dimension. It is also fun to entertain your audience with an original game on your screens or challenge them with a fun quiz.

Conversing and entertaining in public spaces: digital signage works.

With a good story about your brand, service or product you can say something special and speed up sales. Especially in public spaces. Don’t sit down and talk, but come up with short, snappy messages that all add up. For example, make a short but powerful statement via a clip from your campaign. Present the story and explain why you have been at the location in question for years. If you do it right, they will listen to every word!

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