digital signage to improve patient satisfaction

Dutch healthcare is leading the way in many aspects, including patient-friendliness. It makes sense because satisfied patients are pleasant patients. During their care, it helps that they provide a good atmosphere in the thousands of waiting and treatment rooms across the country. We don’t need to tell you how to medically treat your patients. A good atmosphere based on good service is the first step to achieving optimal patient satisfaction. So the question is: how do you ensure your patients feel even more at ease and experience a visit that’s pleasant and relaxed?

Less misunderstandings thanks to crystal-clear communication

Do you want more satisfied patients? Then make sure you have fewer misunderstandings! That starts with crystal-clear communication. Providing good information is essential in healthcare. Long waiting times and the stress this causes some patients will then require other patients to be understanding. The majority of irritations can easily be prevented by providing information about waiting times, opening hours, or treatment procedures. In short, the supply of information is everything. If there’s going to be a long wait, it’s important to communicate clearly.

Digital signage drives higher patient satisfaction


Digital signage is there to inform large groups of people. It puts you where your target group is. In a relevant location (the waiting room or reception) and with relevant resources you can ensure that staff and patients are well-informed. Each well-informed patient counts for two. Your patient asks for less guidance, is less anxious, and remains calm. That has a favorable knock-on effect for other visitors.

Digital signage in healthcare: choose less misunderstandings, choose crystal-clear communication

  • The next patient: show sequence numbers on multiple screens.
  • The waiting time: communicate the average waiting time on the screens.
  • More relaxed: with practical information, entertainment, news and tips.

Digital signage works: for your staff too!

Information provided by digital signage improves service and reduces the workload for your teams. Digital signage answers your most frequently asked questions. Plus, you provide clarity for patients with the waiting order and times in a way they enjoy.

Digital signage provides better care.

Enjoy higher patient satisfaction, fewer misunderstandings and a better atmosphere. It’s why more and more health care providers opt for digital signage. Read all about it on this page

Queues with a known order prevent misunderstandings in your waiting room

waiting room digital signage in physiotherapy

Good service starts with clarity and understanding in the waiting room. Digital signage can easily be linked to a digital sequence number system. The sequence numbers form an integral part of the information on the screens. Thanks to the number tracking system, you have control over the queue and can ensure that patients find the right counter, treatment room or member of staff.

Indicate how long it takes

If you want to enhance the waiting experience, let people know how long it will take. Let people know the average waiting time via digital signage screens. Then everyone knows where they are. It alleviates the stress of waiting and reduces the pressure on staff. Direct people to where they should be.

Do you have a group practice? Do you have multiple treatment rooms? Use digital signage for direction by placing screens in the treatment rooms or at reception. This prevents people from searching around the practice and burdening your staff with questions.

Digital signage comes at the right time with relevant content

With digital signage, you can respond to current situations such as seasonal complaints like hay fever or flu. For example, you could show the pollen levels on the screens during the hay fever season. For instance, provide information about flu and flu-related symptoms in the winter.

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