A lot has been written about digital signage. So much so, that it’s become more difficult to assess and get yourself started. No problem, we will talk you through it with some digital signage tips, so you can decide whether or not your business is ready for digital signage.

Should you get started immediately? Or wait? Within the next five minutes, you’ll know everything about the various applications and what you need to look out for if you want to purchase a digital signage system. If you’re not sure exactly what digital signage is, then read this article first

Is it digital signage or narrowcasting?

Both are correct. Narrowcasting is also known as digital signage. Simply put, it means using digital screens to convey a specific message to a targeted audience at a specific location or locations. This makes digital signage extremely interesting for large and small companies. The applications are endless. Digital signage is used to ease waiting times, as an information channel, promotion, or demonstration medium – you name it, digital signage can communicate it!

Why is digital signage so popular?


It’s popular because with digital signage you can communicate with any sized audience in a variety of cost-effective ways. It’s easy to use, scalable and affordable. Whether you are a baker, a general practitioner, or a large corporation, digital signage puts you face to face with your audience. Prefer hard numbers? A recent test from the food industry showed that digital signage featuring a particular food item yielded an increase in turnover of at least 49%.

Digital signage: the figures behind the success

  • In the Netherlands, there are now 24,000 entrepreneurs using digital signage.
  • No less than 33% of Dutch consumers like to watch in-store videos.
  • One-third of the viewers spontaneously decide to purchase.

What do you need to get started with digital signage?

A digital signage system consists of hardware and software. But that’s not all. You also need a hefty dose of inspiration, ambition, and a digital signage supplier that can fulfill your plans. Et voilà… the perfect mix to entice the eyes of your target audience! Here are a few definitions of hardware and software:

  • Hardware (one-time investment): screen(s) and a media player connected to the internet. Plus one or more monitors are connected to the media player.
  • Software (subscription form): a package that allows you to create playlists (of the content). You do this by accessing software in the cloud (SAAS) via your PC or laptop. Once your playlist is ready, it will be uploaded to the server (SMIL). It is then sent to your media player over the Internet, which broadcasts your program on your screens.

Choose the right screens.

digital signage tips - why is it so popular

An important digital signage tip is to make sure you get the right screens for your solution. Start well and save yourself a lot of hassle. Invest in good screens. Professional screens made for digital signage deliver high-quality images 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They have a longer life and insurance warranty. Technically you can also use a regular TV screen, but we don’t recommend doing so. They are susceptible to interference and do not provide the clarity, viewing angle and resolution that you need to seriously impress your audience. Your investment pays for itself immediately, because your screens enable you to get the most out of your digital signage software.

Good digital signage: from a good media player.

You have your screens, now time for a media player. A media player is a small computer that reads the video files from the server and exports them to your screen(s).

We advise you to buy a separate media player. There are also media players on the market that are integrated into the screen. It may seem useful, but it’s not, because if your screen fails, your media player is completely worthless. Opt for a single player. One that can take a beating. That is why we provide professional media players.

Provide good software

Do yourself a favor. Make sure your software matches your needs. Think about what you want. Now and especially in the future. For software, it’s important to invest in quality. Software that’s made by people who understand your business and who take the future – especially your future – seriously. People who grow because their customers grow. People who are happy to support you. In short, go for user-friendly software from a well-known provider. The time when you had to be a digital signage need to make a playlist has passed. Do you have already software? Great. Are you still searching? Learn more or request your free software here.

Digital signage. It makes the difference.

It’s time to consider what digital signage could do for you. Ask yourself the following question: How will digital signage impact your audience? What will it mean to them to see your digital signage? Will they suddenly buy more because you show them unique offers? Enjoy their waiting time experience because you provide them with useful information? Know where to go because you tell them exactly which consulting rooms are free? Feel at home because you create a pleasant-looking atmosphere with beautiful images? Feel at ease because you inform them about public transport in the local neighborhood? In other words, how will you embrace your audience with digital signage?

So… Ready for Digital Signage?

digital signage in retail

Whoever you are, whatever your business: digital signage is an impactful, results-focused medium that’s fun and easy to use. Don’t view it as merely a couple of screens, but as a way in which you can reach out and communicate with people in an interesting way. Still, have questions? Let us know. We are curious to hear about your plans and our digital signage experts are on standby to give you any help you need.

Easyscreen: One-stop-shop Digital Signage Software

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Here at Easyscreen, we are a one-stop-shop. So we can help you every step of the way. We can provide you with your digital signage displays and media players, but also much more. We supply you with our platform’s content creation and management software and then take care of installation and maintenance.

Want to know more about digital signage? Read our full guide to digital signage

Free Digital Signage Software Demo

We are confident that your company will experience the benefits of digital signage with our software and help, just like our other customers across many industries already do. That’s why we offer a free trial.

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