Given the latest world events, we have all heard information from different sources, both reliable and of dubious origin. And surely we have all asked ourselves, what can I do to combat misinformation and give the people in my business (office, office, hotel, sports center, beauty salon, etc.) the most up-to-date information? How can I capture their attention?

1. Fight misinformation with information

The best way to fight misinformation is to keep people up to date. That is, provide your audience with the most current and relevant news.

How to do it? If you have screens in your stores, you can reach large numbers of people in multiple locations.


Also, using the Digital Signage you will ensure that the content you share is as “live” as possible because these programs have a direct connection with news sources that are updated instantly via RSS feeds. So, for example, you can program your screens to show the cover of a newspaper, with the assurance that this news will be updated on your screen automatically when it changes on the website of the newspaper.

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2. Catch their attention with audiovisual content

A picture is indeed worth a thousand words. Capture the attention of your audience with videos, animations, and computer graphics.

Use your Digital Signage screens to show informative videos with useful tips in public spaces with high traffic within your premises. For example, in the break room of your office or the reception of your hotel.

On the Internet, you can find resources to create your content, such as this set of icons that you can use to report on the latest global health crisis. Also, you can use the templates within your digital signage software to create attractive videos that are sure to catch the eye of the viewer and get them reported correctly.

3. Use information from legitimate sources

From Easyscreen, we encourage you to seek and share information from reliable sources, especially in times of crisis. Sites such as the World Health Organization or official government pages. Make sure your message is real and don’t contribute to spreading false news. Fighting disinformation is everyone’s job.

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In conclusion, Digital Signage is a great tool to reach large groups of people, with relevant, informative, and updated messages adapted to each industry and situation.

With Easyscreen’s library templates you can offer attractive content that captures the public’s attention and helps fight misinformation with relevant content. Try it out for free today and start informing your audience right away.