Employee engagement and well-being play a central role in the corporate world. For far too long, issues like lack of employee engagement are seen as a problem for the HR department rather than an integral part of organizational strategy. For this we have Happyforce. 

What is Happyforce?

Happyforce is a platform that allows you to measure how the happiness index of your employees is rising. It is an application that opens between the worker and the employee as if it were Facebook or Whatsapp. Álex Ríos is the founder and CEO of Happyforce. It is a real-time application to have fluid transparent communication between the two. It opens a direct communication channel in real time between the employee and the company’s management. It has emoticons and expressions that workers can use anonymously, so the company will have an idea of the atmosphere among its employees without knowing who it comes from.

It has the advantage of anonymity, so employees are more willing to talk and participate. In this way, Happyforce can sound out and show the day-to-day life of the different teams in the organization, identify the issues that generate the most interest or concern and serve to put solutions in the areas that require more attention.

Now, all this movement accelerates a little more thanks to Glassdoor. arrived in Spain and … sorry to tell you ⚠️ but with this, there is no way to run away from feedback from your employees. 

What is Glassdor?

Glassdoor is an American company bought by a Japanese holding company that allows employees, job seekers, and recruiters to simultaneously view unpublished firsthand opinions about the company’s work environment. Think about details of salaries, company reviews, interview questions and reviews, office photos, as well as benefits and CEO approval ratings. 

As you can see from this review on Glassdoor, lots and lots of things, good and bad, can come out to the public. 

From our point of view, the first thing we think when reading the review is: … How far does the employee have to go to feel this way? Has the company done nothing to stop pushing this individual over the edge?

The cost of not listening to your employees with Gassdoor or Happyforce is high

Your business suffers from: 

    1. Excessive employee turnover: “89% of management believes that employees quit because of salary. But only 12% of them leave an organization for this reason.” – Leigh Branman (7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave) 
    2. Lack of productivity: “69% of employees would work harder if their efforts were better recognized” – Hay Study Group
    3. Daily mistakes every change of miscommunication.
    4. Customers don’t come back – Unmotivated employees don’t provide the ideal service for your customers.“Customers don’t come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the customers” – Richard Branson

The solution?

According to Best Place to Work, the highest-rated work environments are those in which companies maintain a constant dialogue with employees. Knowing that leaders are listening to people, seeking ideas, and asking for feedback creates a genuine sense of happiness at work.

With continuous measurement and active listening, you can be aware of everything that is going on in your organization. This is the combination of Pulse Surveys + Anonymous Feedback, integral parts of what the Happyforce company calls The Happyforce Way.

Sound out Surveys

Sound out surveys are known as such because they allow companies to “stay on top” of their team’s engagement and satisfaction. This means they can collect real-time information to gauge how their employees are feeling at any given time. Pulse surveys allow for ongoing, two-way conversations, which helps companies determine what they need to stop, start, change and continue to improve culture and drive the business forward. Surveys are conducted regularly and will typically only include a few questions. 

With Happyforce, you can understand which areas are more or less engaged through emotional measurement and agile data. We show you, based on the opinions and perceptions of your employees, what to invest in and what to do next. All are analyzed instantly and in real-time. 

The average employee participation in Happyforce around the world is 80% monthly and 50% daily participation of the entire workforce of a company. According to Forbes, the average participation of a climate survey falls between 30 and 40%. Our high levels of participation are due to our formula for building trust at work, based on anonymous feedback. 

So you know! Don’t let your company end up with a sob story on Glassdoor. If we foster a feedback culture in which employees feel comfortable and free to express what they love about the job, and what they’d like to see improved, we’re doing a lot for our culture and our employees, and they – will know it!