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The benefits of using Easyscreen for your digital signage

How a partnership with us will impact you, your audience and your business.

Engaging Experiences

Customers, students, employees, visitors and other audiences will share value-driven experiences with your business or institution. They will be given engaging and informative content that brings you closer together.

Increased Conversions

The power of your digital signage can help convert your audience into completing desired behaviors. This includes on-the-spot conversions and the formation long-term loyalty through improved experiences.

Reliable & Proven Services

We have 20 years of experience and one of the largest support teams in Europe. We'll ensure your business has a smooth and effective experience with digital signage, just like our thousands of other customers.

Competitive prices, Innovative features.

Our user-friendly software platform has everything you need to create the best content and to easily manage your digital signage at an affordable price.




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Not all software is the same.

We designed our software platform with you in mind and have stuck to three key principles.

It must be fun to work with.

It must be easy to understand.

It must create a WOW effect on screens.

By following these principles, we created a platform that contains innovative tools and features, but is simple enough for anyone to use.

Software features

  • Create new content from scratch and templates
  • Drag and drop clips into playlists
  • Choose where and when each playlist is shown
  • Manage players and player groups
  • Show multiple content on a screen at once
  • Flexibility and control to be your own creator 

Software, Hardware and Maintenance

Digital signage requires more than just software. We've got it all covered.



With our software platform you can create, manage and broadcast content. You can choose from a rich media library of templates, entertainment, news, and your social media feeds. Our creation team is also ready to create customized content for you.


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digital signage hardware - displays


Our solutions include a range of professional screens that are durable, versatile, reliable and available in a wide range of sizes. We also provide the most reliable external media players and SOC displays, which have an internal player.


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We have one of the biggest support teams in Europe that can take care of you if you have any questions before or after getting started. We will be happy to sort out any issues as quick as possible for you regarding your software or hardware.


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