Have you ever heard of wayfinding in hotels? Have you ever seen this Digital Signage system for hotels, also called Hotel Digital Signage, when you were staying at an establishment? In this post, we show you everything you need to know and the best examples of wayfinding.

What is wayfinding?

Wayfinding is a signaling system that responds to guests’ needs and guides them when they are not familiar with the location. This method of communication offers greater security, confidence, and comfort, anticipating the needs of hotel guests and avoiding uncertainty and chaos.

Wayfinding in a hotel could be said to consist of a series of maps that facilitate access to all the rooms of an establishment, even the most complex hotels.

They are usually located at the entrances and elevators of the hotel; they can also attract visitors to specific areas, such as the restaurant, bar, or spa, among others.

Benefits of installing wayfinding in hotels

Here are the main benefits of having a wayfinding system in your hotel.

  • For guests: it speeds up check-in and room check-out; it also avoids disorientation and stress. Another benefit for customers is that wayfinding in hotels eliminates queues to request information.
  • For the hotel: it reduces the stress of workers, which can reduce staff costs; it also optimizes time and space in hotels.

Function of wayfinding in a hotel

The main function of wayfinding in a hotel is to inform guests of non-familiar areas. For this purpose, the location needs to be studied to find the best way to display the desired information at strategic points. In any case, the system must be clear and simple, showing what is necessary and important and eliminating any element that may be irrelevant.

In the same way, wayfinding is perfect in case of emergency, as it acts as a guidance system and can be key to saving the lives of guests and workers.


There are many examples of wayfinding in hotels, as many as there are establishments nowadays. Among the most outstanding options, it is important to highlight those that are located at the entrances of hotels or in elevators, indicating the floor where each service offered by the establishment is located or the number of rooms.

On the other hand, the most sophisticated designs include drawings or arrows that indicate the direction in which you have to go to reach your destination. This way, guests do not get lost and only have to follow the signs to meet your needs.

It is also important to note that, to reach all users, wayfinding in hotels is usually available in several languages, one of them the native language of the country and another one English, at least.

Wayfinding on digital screens

Technology has become society’s main ally and an indispensable element in everyday life. Nowadays, almost everyone is guided by digital screens.

One of the advantages of wayfinding in hotels is that you can guarantee the transit of customers, through digital screens, throughout your establishment, being able to reach any space simply by following the indications

In short, if you want to help your guests to go through your hotel without problems, the best thing to do is to bet on hotel wayfinding.

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