Indoor LED screens

Indoor LED screens for digital advertisement

With indoor LED screens you can show information, entertainment, and advertisements in your office, company, or institute. Share attractive and impressive content on your indoor screens with our Easyscreen platform. Put them in your shop, waiting room, or bar. Communicate more and better with digital advertisements!

How to use indoor LED screens

Window screens

By placing screens in your shop's window, you immediately attract the attention of passengers and you create a moment of contact. Indoor LED screens are ideal to place inside windows and to invite potential customers to come inside.



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Meeting room

Never argue about the meeting room again. On the LED screen it shows who made a reservation for the room for what period by a connection with the official agenda. This way you can easily reserve the location from your mobile phone or PC and you can change appointments directly on screen with the touch functionality.

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By placing an indoor LED display at the reception next to the queue, you deduct the experienced waiting time and you create an ideal situation to show customers information with depth. Add wayfinding to make sure the customers know where they can find what on your location.


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At the office

With indoor LED screens you can inform your team at the office in an attractive way. With audiovisual content, you keep your team alert and motivated by showing company values, social media accounts, or the achieved results.


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Waiting room

When you have a healthcare facility, your patients wait in the waiting room. To make waiting more bearable, you can entertain or inform them about when it's their turn. This can be done with our Digital Signage and LED screens.


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In the store

Place an indoor LED screen on the shelves in your store to inform the shopping customer about the product and also to make the product more attractive for them to buy. You can show product comparisons, the newest promotions, do recommendations, or suggest additional products.

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Entertain customers, keep them up to date about the latest news, and lift your communication to another level with indoor LED screens

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