Installing a screen in the window, especially in stores located on busy streets that want to attract the attention of passersby. Therefore, in this post, we are going to show you the main reasons why you should install it in your business.

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What are shop window displays?

The store window displays, also known as digital shop windows, are an innovative multimedia system that allows advertising the exterior advertising of a company through interior LED screens. They are resistant to high temperatures, as they are designed to be installed inside the stores. Together with the installation of monitors at the point of sale, they are the perfect strategy to promote the products and services of a brand in a modern and current way. 

These special displays for Digital Signage have an integrated brightness sensor that adjusts their illumination to the lighting conditions at any given moment.

Who needs an outdoor window display?

The screens for an outdoor advertising showcase are highly recommended for all types of sectors, like health centers, hotels or travel agencies, and other businesses. You can see our Digital Signage systems for hotels, among others. These monitors are designed to withstand a high incidence of sunlight and ensure perfect visibility, despite inclement weather.

8 reasons to install a window display in a shop window

Here are 8 reasons why installing a display in a shop window is a good idea:

  1. It captures the attention of customers: digital window displays are the most effective way to attract the eyes of your potential customers. They can be adapted and updated instantly. Check how eye-catching advertising is in shopping malls, always with video wall advertising full of moving images.
  2. Increase your company’s reputation: a Digital Signage system is innovative; therefore, using it helps to increase your credibility and the trust of your customers. In this way, your company is presented to users as a modern business that seeks to reach its potential customers using different media and platforms.
  3. Show your products outside: do you have a business on a busy shopping street? A display in your shop window will help you promote the products inside and highlight those you want.
  4. Savings: although it may seem to you that installing a display in a shop window may be a big investment, you will have paid for it in a short time. It is an advertising element with a low maintenance cost. In addition, you can assemble and disassemble them very economically. It is also important to note that there are no production costs because you can create the strategy on a computer and load it into the software program instantly.
  5. Improve seasonal promotions: capturing the attention of customers is very important, especially if they are temporary ads. By opting for window displays, you will be running a quality seasonal promotion, which will attract the attention of your potential buyers.
  6. Create personalized content: you can choose what you want to show to customers at all times. You have full control of your advertising messages. You can pause or resume a campaign whenever you want. In other words, you can turn it on whenever you want, even if your store is closed, but you have a 24-hour online promotion.
  7. It offers countless possibilities: you can incorporate images, videos, texts, or animations, among others. The possibilities are practically unlimited and you can let your imagination run wild as much as you want.

Therefore, if you have a business located in a central commercial street of a city, installing an interactive showcase will be the best way to reach your potential customers and increase your sales.