Technological products and especially Digital Signage have become essential elements in the daily life of society, even for ordering food in restaurants. Have you heard about the digital board menu for restaurants? Here is everything you need to know about it.

What is the digital menu board?

The digital menu board for restaurants is a digital screen where you can consult all the dishes served in the establishment. In it, you can find complete menus, promotions, changes in the menu, ingredients, nutritional values and their prices.

In addition, they are often used to stimulate sales through videos and photographs. Currently, the portfolio of this menu consists of 7 templates that allow you to show the products of the business. It announces the opening and closing times, as well as show special offers.

It is important to highlight that these TV menus incorporate a QR code installed on the tables allowing customers to scan and view the menu from their cell phones. In addition, it is not necessary to download any application since the smartphone allows the reading of the code with its camera.


Here are the main functions of the digital menu board for restaurants:

● Ease of use: they use a content creator that allows you to develop, edit and manage the information you publish quickly and easily.
● Creation of menus and digital ads: you can publicize the most relevant information about your company or which menus are available to customers.
● Segmentation: you can show special menus or promotions depending on the area where the company is located; this is especially recommended for large chains.
● Reduction of resources: you avoid printed materials that require significant investments of time and money; in addition, errors can be corrected quickly.

Advantages of digital menus

Here are the main advantages of having digital board menus for restaurants:

● Speed: this device allows you to see the offer through LCD screens and waiters, who usually have a tablet, can write down orders more quickly and easily.
● Modification: you can make changes, introduce new menus, include offers, prices, and comments in a very simple and economical way; in this way, the menu will always be up to date.
● Access without App: with the phone’s camera you can scan the QR code to access the digital upload; in addition, if the customer does not have a cell phone, on the giant screens you can read all the information.
● Include information: digital board menus for restaurants are highly recommended because they allow you to include all the information customers need, from the ingredients of the products themselves to allergies.
● Customizable: the digital menu board for restaurants is designed to adapt to the aesthetics and image of your establishment. In addition, it can translate the content of the menu into other languages.
● Investment: although its investment is higher, it is very profitable in the long run. By having digital board menus, you do not need to print and you can save staff time. To give you an idea; the investment will be amortized in about 18 months.
● Featured products: the most demanded products, offers, or chef’s recommendations.
● Interactive menu: in addition to being able to see the name and ingredients of each menu, it shows you photos of the dishes, which makes it a more attractive menu; it is also important to note that customers themselves can leave their opinions in the comments.
● Local information: you can now know the opening hours or the different promotions of the restaurant.

In other words, digital board menus for restaurants are highly recommended because they favor agility in the kitchen and allow the customer to have more information to place the order.