Before you say goodbye to the reading folder and magazines in your waiting area and switch permanently to digital signage in your practice, you naturally want to know why narrowcasting is the ideal way to ease your patient’s and visitors’ waiting times. In this article, you can read everything about digital signage applications for healthcare.

We are always waiting, especially in healthcare.

Do you want to know how long a person has to wait? Don’t be shocked: research has shown that a person waits on average 607 days in their lifetime. At the checkout, on the bus, in front of a traffic light, or on the train. However, these examples are completely inadequate about waiting times in healthcare. The waiting time for an appointment at the doctor, outpatient clinic, or dentist is long and annoying. The result? Fussy visitors.

Visitors don’t know what’s causing the wait

Visitors often experience the waiting time in your waiting room as a complete waste of their precious time. This is because visitors often do not know why and what they are waiting for. In short, there is no understanding of the situation. There’s no understanding of you as the practitioner. It is therefore logical that many health care providers are looking for a way to make the waiting time as pleasant as possible.

You can make time fly with digital signage

Take it from us: you don’t have to be an entertainer to keep them waiting in your waiting room satisfying. With a good digital signage system and the right software, you ensure a relaxed atmosphere. You inform, entertain and advertise in a place where your audience is waiting for relevant content: your waiting area. Digital signage is a powerful medium that eases the waiting time and in the meantime communicates efficiently with the people who matter: your visitors. With just one or more screens, the right software, and the right content, you let time fly.


Invest in digital signage, your visitors are waiting for it.

With digital signage in the waiting room of your practice, you turn waiting time into quality time; it’s a pleasant experience. You give them useful and relevant information via dynamic screens in a relevant environment. Your screens are seen as a handy tool for your business. With the right software (links, widgets, templates, videos, live feeds), digital signage is the ideal medium to tell visitors about products, procedures, opening times, and treatment methods. So much for the theory, how do you put digital signage into practice? Or rather, your practice?

Digital signage in practice: The ideal softener

Entertain, inform and connect. It’s these things that make the atmosphere in the waiting room of the practice a lot more pleasant. It doesn’t matter if you are a physiotherapist, veterinarian, dietician, speech therapist, or acupuncturist, everyone can use digital signage. Use it in the waiting area for your practice to:

  • Ease waiting times: Entertain

With the right software, you ensure a balanced mix of national or local news, weather reports, local events, and relevant information such as the arrival and departure times of public transport. Alternate with information about the practice (opening times, team members, treatment methods, visitor experiences, and announcements). We know from experience that people are waiting for a mix of entertainment and news. With one or more digital signage screens in a waiting room, you can reduce waiting times and increase visitor satisfaction.

  • Communicate waiting times: Inform

If people know why they are waiting, there will be more understanding of the situation.

A digital signage system offers a solution. It is easy to display the information on the screen. Thanks to the right narrowcasting digital signage, you have total control over the waiting times and the logistics of the waiting area. Several employees can operate the system and therefore have control of sharing information in the waiting room.

  • Pointing the way: Conduct

As a visitor, when it’s finally your turn, you do not know where to go. Double bad luck. Double irritation. Therefore, tell your visitors in advance where they need to go by linking the digital signage system to the number of the relevant treatment room. Create peace of mind by showing who is treating the visitor. For large practices, it pays to place screens next to or above the door of the treatment room. This way everyone sees where he/she must be.

Do you want to show that the visitor is welcome? Display a personal welcome message on a screen at the reception.

Now it’s your turn.

Now that you know what digital signage can do for your waiting visitors, you naturally want to know more about it. We are happy to tell you that. Contact us today.

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