In emergencies, the political measures taken may result in many stores being restricted; however, there are retail outlets that provide basic need services and products such as food stores, pharmacies, tobacconists, or gas stations, which must remain open to continue serving the population. It is in these difficult situations, Digital Signage helps commerce and the installation of screens in stores becomes a key tool to allow retailers with premises to continue informing their customers easily and simply. How does Digital Signage support the retail industry through information screens? Here are three ways to get the most out of it:

Digital Signage is a support tool in times of the corona crisis

In-store displays provide information on product availability

As we all know, when people buy in bulk, many items fly off the shelves such as toilet paper, bottled water, or hand sanitizer. No one wants to go to the store and waste time looking for an item, which may no longer be available.

Digital advertising and signage help with this task by integrating with the retailer’s database system to provide information via digital displays about product availability and purchase limits.

For example, a store could advertise that only 20 packs of toilet paper are left and remind customers that they can only buy two at a time. It could also provide information on desired food products, such as meat, fruit, and canned goods.

Wayfinding: Offering guidance

People want to spend as little time as possible in a store. They just want to get what they need and return quickly to the safety of their homes. With Easyscreen’s Wayfinding templates, you can display your retailer’s map on the screen in stores. It shows users where everything is and what they can find in each aisle. If you guide them, customers will be in and out in no time and you will make their experience much less stressful.

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It helps consumers stay calm

Another way store displays can help provide a pleasant shopping experience is to create a relaxed atmosphere that helps calm and encourage your customers.

You can display content such as:
– Entertaining or relaxing videos.
– Inspiring stories of people who support the community in times of crisis.
– Inspirational messages or phrases that lift the spirits.

In-store displays help the retailer, improving the customer experience no matter what the circumstances. By helping the customer complete their tasks quickly and efficiently while providing a pleasant environment, it makes people want to go to that store more.

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