You must learn how to adapt the templates for digital content or Digital Signage since it will be a key factor in the creation of digital content for your company. Each template or content grid has a different function and adapts to a type of message and audience. Easyscreen gives you access to a library full of numerous digital content templates that you can use freely.

Digital signage templates

The best templates for digital content for Digital Signage

Indeed, your communication strategy must include adequate content for your Digital Signage. Since it is an essential element to achieve the objectives of your brand.

Digital Signage is one of the tools you can use for your content marketing strategy, but always with the right templates. A technique that allows your company to attract and retain the target audience. But, how can you get the attention of that audience? It is there where Digital Signage plays an important role because it allows you to adapt the message at every moment. It also takes into account the needs and interests of the audience. Every user has a purpose to fulfill in a precise place and time, so you must know how to communicate what your audience needs.

We also recommend that, once you know which template format is most suitable for your business and your needs, you inform yourself about the types of digital screens. Since not all of them cover the same functions.

The most widely used digital content grid templates in Digital Signage

You must know the variety of templates that Easyscreen offers in its library and the use that each of them encompasses.

  • Template for meeting schedules and office information
    Ideal room. Right time. Right people.

How easy it will be, from now on, to plan a meeting! Plan schedules, specify locations, and schedule calendars with Digital Signage templates or MeetingroomTV. This way, you will reach your employees in a much clearer and more direct way. In addition, you will be able to transmit information more visually.

plantilla para sala de reuniones

  • Templates for signaling locations or the way forward in large spaces
    Indicates the correct direction.

How many times have you gotten lost in an office building, a hospital, or even a shopping mall? Bad directions generate confusion in visitors and trigger a negative experience with the brand. Therefore, point out the directions of the different locations and make them easily accessible to your visitors with our digital content templates adapted to mark the way.

plantillas de ubicación

  • Templates for transmitting information to your TV equipment.
    More company information, more employee engagement.

External communication is not the only factor to consider when implementing a strategy. In the same way that your target audience wants to be informed about the news that the company presents, your employees also want to be aware of what is happening in their work area. An informed environment shows that there is sincere, direct, and real communication, which means having happy workers who are more committed to the company.

closeup of hands during work consultation with papers and laptop

  • Templates for social media content
    Greater connection with your audience for a better relationship.


The social network template displays your consumers’ opinions on-screen and passes them on to your other potential customers. There is no more effective method to attract customers than listening to other users’ recommendations and their experience with the service or product. Show what’s going on in¬†your social networks in real-time.

plantillas para redes sociales

  • Template for live broadcast
    A picture is worth more than my words.

Seeing is believing, and for that reason, what better way to get your audience’s attention than with¬†real-time images? It offers¬†video surveillance broadcasts¬†to ensure the safety of your visitors, events to entertain, and more content as a hobby.

  • Template for live TV
    The television of always to your disposition.

How slowly time passes when you are waiting! That’s why you choose to entertain¬†with fun content. With¬†Easyscreen’s software, you can switch between TV programs and other templates for your waiting room.

3 screens with facebook on it, social media tv

  • POS TV Templates

  • A new form of seduction/captation/attraction.

The Point of Sale content for the POS monitor induces action through a tempting message. You know that the best way to convince someone to buy a product is to offer them on a platter what they are looking for. Therefore, show on the shelves more information about the products that are there and achieve that sale.

plantillas para punto de venta

  • Templates to show your restaurant’s menu
    Much more visual, easy and simple.

Forget about paper menus, and especially now that menus are prohibited in restaurants are a digital solution for COVID-19. Restaurant menus are no longer used. Bet on the innovation of the Signposting to show digitally the menu of the restaurant ( menu TV). As a result, your customers will be able to decide what to eat and drink in an original and fun way.

Plantillas para men√ļ de restaurante

Easyscreen: Experts in Templates for Digital Content

Software cartelería digital


At Easyscreen, we are a complete solution for Digital Signage templates in your country. So we can help you every step of the way. We can provide you with screens for Digital Signage and media players, but also much more. We provide you with content management and creation software with our platform and then we take care of the installation, and maintenance of your equipment. 

We are confident that your business will benefit from digital signage with our software and support, as do our thousands of customers in many industries. Try our digital signage software completely free!