Collaborate for optimal results

Earn extra income and serve your customers optimally by offering them digital signage. Whether you want to outsource the screens, software, installation, or content or want to offer it to your customer yourself, we have everything in-house to completely unburden and/or support you.

Depending on the focus on narrowcasting for your company, we have various options that you can choose from:

Easy. Standard. Premium


We take full control of the work.

You are super busy with your own services and products, and you want to attract a good partner to fill in the requests you receive for digital signage your customers.

You can either bring an interested relationship in contact with us or discuss an offer drawn up by us.

Will the relationship become a customer?

You will receive a commission about the sale!Immediately after this, we will immediately take over the work and contact from you so that you can concentrate on your core activity again.

Standard package

Act independently with strong backup.

You see many possibilities with digital signage; it is important for you and you want to include digital signage as a fixed item in your assortment.

You want to keep in touch with your customer yourself, not only during the first order, but also with questions about use and technology.

You have a person or team that can answer customer questions independently and you want to become proficient in the platform for future customers that you want to put on the platform.

Premium package

Independent with our technological heart. You are (working for) a large company and see digital signage as a core product to offer to your large customer base. You have a large team and everything you need to train clients to train and offer additional services such as installation, screens and content. You want to put your own brand on the market and sell it to your customer, on your own terms and prices.

Partner panel


of customers and playlists immediately

Service tickets

you can reply to in the same environment


placed by you in customers playlists


players and users from customers

Release notes

clearyly visible on the dashboard


Except when you work with a commission, you maintain direct contact with your customer. We give you all the tools to help them where necessary.

Support training

Easy and low-threshold training to be up and running quickly and to recruit customers. We walk through the cms in an hour by telephone to give you the ins and outs. After this, you must be able to do it yourself! If that does not work then just contact us again.

Self support

Answers to most questions can be found in our online knowledge base including most frequently asked questions, manuals, and instructional videos. See


If you can not find a solution in the existing documentation, you can contact our Service Center. We help you to find a solution to the problem that you can share with your customers.

Software releases and upgrades

Partners receive monthly newsletters in which we inform you about the latest software and feature updates.

Give the cooperation a flying start!

We have a number of surprises in store for you including a promotional package and other incentives!
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