Easyscreen Digital Signage Pricing

Customers pay an all-inclusive monthly subscription, which includes software updates and full support. Get started immediately with Easyscreen.



4 week on-site demo

I want a trial subscription

1 year

25 monthly

€ 300 per year

I want a 1-year subscription

3 years

20 monthly

€240 per year

I want a 3-year subscription
    • Full support via e-mail, chat, and phone
    • Virtual tours, an extensive knowledge portal, and online instructions
    • Personal training and support from Easyscreen to help set up your own narrowcasting channel
    • Great development and support team
    • For companies that take their business, quality and stability seriously
      • Automatically receive new updates and upgrades from our software team
    • Scheduling
    • Ticker tapes and screen zones
    • An extensive library full of constantly updated content and free entertainment
    • Hundreds of templates that can easily be customized with your own logo and style
    • New content monthly
        • Various links to external programs

Leasing Plans

Combine hardware, software, and even installation.



per month

  • Full Power subscription Easyscreen SW License
  • Media Player
  • Use your screen or choose one from our selection
  • Wall mount
  • Option of installation on location

Everything you'll need in order to have your own digital signage ready on the spot!


To instantly start getting to know the platform, check out our Free Starters Tour!



With the Full Power Subscription, you have full access to the digital signage platform, but if you only want to use a specific application then you have the option to only pay for the applications that you use.

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Our user-friendly digital signage system consists of the Easyscreen software. Do you also want screens and a media player? No problem. We have that too. Contact us for the best deals!

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Cloud based

Log in with your web browser and get started right away!


5000+ users

Complete digital signage for every industry


Easy & Flexible

No technical knowledge required



Extensive training and support available

Frequently asked questions

Your question isn't listed? Click here for the complete FAQ or contact us.

Why do I have to pay for digital signage?

Free digital signage doesn't exist; at least not one that works very well. Free variations are very limited or you have to look at annoying pop-ups advertisements. Furthermore, free digital signage ages quickly because updates are few and far between, and Help Questions remains unanswered. The consequence of getting a black screen looks unprofessional and isn't what you want. Easyscreen is an extensive digital signage platform and our customers have access to all the features. Our customer support and team are easy to reach and free of charge. We can also adapt digital signage software to meet your needs, help you with implementation and keep your digital signage platform up to date - and all for the best price. Many thousands of customers are already receiving this service. View the possibilities or explore for yourself with our trial version.

What's the delivery time for Easyscreen?

As soon as you place your order you'll receive a password and login code. So, you can get started immediately. The media player will be sent to your submitted location, within a week. For larger orders, a different delivery schedule may be applied. We will notify you when you place your order. If you choose to have it installed by us, we will contact you when we receive your order to schedule an installation date.

How long would a subscription to Easyscreen be for?

You can choose for yourself. If you decide to buy the media player, your subscription has a term of 12 months. If you prefer to rent the media player, your subscription will have a duration of 36 months.

What about broadcasting rights?

If you show normal TV broadcasts at your company, you have to pay Videma rights for it. But, because Easyscreen only plays your fragments or fragments you ordered from Easyscreen, you do not have to pay any fees for this.

Can I try out Easyscreen?

Yes, that's possible! Sign up for a trial subscription and you can test Easyscreen for 1 month. During that period you can choose whether you want to continue with Easyscreen or stop without any further obligation.

I have multiple locations, what now?

Easyscreen is suitable for multiple locations! You can centrally control the screens for all your locations. Or, if you prefer, authorize someone in one of your other offices to do this for you. In each case, you will receive an attractive discount if you register additional locations.