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POS TV (Point of Sale) provides the ultimate in-store customer experience, right next to your products

Seduce your customers just when they are looking for the right product. With POS TV you can broadcast a very specific message to highlight the USPs of your product. Transmit this info via a small screen on the shelf, right next to your product. Start the interaction by means of a touch solution or by a motion sensor. You put together the content through the digital signage platform. Schedule promotional videos or demonstration videos of the product. By using a power block you can also respond to ad hoc events from any distance, at any time.

The Setup

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POS TV with high resolution LED screen excels in its performance because it’s specifically designed as a digital signboard. Combined with our digital signage platform, your promotion possibilities are endless.
Digital signage - display product information with POS TV

One cable

Only one cable is needed for both power and internet

Content flexibility

HTML5 and SMIL support provide more flexibility in creating content

Stimulates interactivity

A motion sensor and touch buttons stimulate interactivity with the device

Integrated with everything

Connect with databases and systems, such as cash registers and inventory management systems



To include POS TV with your brand you can create videos with templates that can be fully customized. This product offers a reliable solution for hardware and content management. – Add your company logo – Available in landscape or portrait – Adjust colors We’ve developed this product with great care for the application and continue to develop it. Do you have any questions, desires, modifications, and/or additions for this product? We are convinced we can make it suitable for your environment too, so just let us know what you need!

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