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Software Questions

Can I make clips within Easyscreen myself?

Yes, Easyscreen offers templates to which you can easily add your own text, images and videos. The result is a professional video clip.


Will my clips, images and videos remain within Easyscreen?

Yes, anything you upload or create can be stored in your own library within Easyscreen. A maximum size of 5 GB applies to this library. More than enough


I also want current news on my TV, how does that work?

As a subscriber to Easyscreen you can choose from a range of different news packages. In the members webshop you can order the package of your choice. Once you have done this, you can decide how often you want to see the current news in a day. The news is then automatically refreshed without you having to worry about it.


Can I use my own images in Easyscreen

Yes, you can use your own images. You can upload them from your own computer and save them to your own library within Easyscreen for your use. The images can be up to 20MB in size and can be in the following file formats: JPG, PNG.


Can I use my own videos in Easyscreen

Yes, you can use your own videos. You can upload them from your own computer and save them in your library within Easyscreen to use later. The films can be up to 20 Mb in size and can be any of the following file formats: MPEG2, MP4 or AVI. Of course you can also combine several movies into a playlist.


I belong to a franchise, how do I get the ready-made videos from the franchise?

Within your personal Easyscreen library a separate ‘section’ has been set up for your franchise. The clips that your franchise has prepared for you automatically appear within this section.


How does the media player know I’ve made a new excerpt?

The media player automatically connects every night to see if there are new clips and if there is a new playlist. These are then automatically copied from the Easyscreen server to the media player. It goes without saying that you don’t have to do anything for that to happen.


I want to show my Twitter account on the screen. Is that possible?

Yes, that’s possible. In Easyscreen there’s the option to add your Twitter account to a template which includes the last tweet you sent within your program and displays it on your screen.


I want to play more clips in a row, is that possible?

Yes, you can do that by creating a program (playlist).This simply means you put the clips you want to play, in the order you want them. You can always change that order again later, or remove clips or add them back in.


Can I determine when I want to play a clip

Yes, each clip allows you to determine when to play the clip. This way Easyscreen lets you do the planning work for your campaigns and commercials. Always up-to-date and never constrained by date.


I also want entertainment on my TV, how does that work?

As a member of Easyscreen you can choose from different entertainment packages. In the members webshop you can order the package of your choice. Once you’ve done this, you can decide how many times you want to see a particular package in a day. The package is automatically updated every month without you even having to worry about it.


Does Easyscreen also have images for me that I can use?

As a subscriber of Easyscreen you get access to a database with images that you can use to give your clips an even more professional look.


How does the media player know that I have made a new program or excerpt?

The media player connects automatically every night to see if there is a new playlist or excerpt. These are then automatically copied from the Easyscreen server to the media player. The existing playlist will automatically continue to run until you create a new playlist.

Subscription Questions

Why do I have to pay for digital signage?

Free digital signage doesn’t exist; at least not that works very well. Free versions are very limited or you have to view advertisements. They also age quickly because updates are few and far between and Help Questions remain unanswered. Consequence: a black screen. Which, as a professional, isn’t what you want.


Easyscreen is an extensive digital signage platform. Our customers have access to and can use all the features, they have our full ongoing support and can easily reach our team, free of charge. We can also adapt digital signage software to meet your needs, help you with implementation and we keep your digital signage platform up to date. For the best price. Many thousands of customers already precede you. View the possibilities or explore for yourself with our trial version.


How long does a subscription to Easyscreen run?

You can choose for yourself. If you buy the media player, your subscription has a term of 12 months. If you prefer to rent the media player, your subscription has a duration of 36 months.


What is the delivery time for Easyscreen?

As soon as you place your order, you’ll receive a password and log in code and you can get started straight away. The media player will be sent to the address you provided within a week. For larger orders a different delivery time may apply. We will inform you about this. If you choose to have it installed by us, we will contact you when we receive your order, to schedule an installation date.


I have more locations, what now?

Easyscreen is also suitable for this! You can control the screens centrally for all your locations. Or, if you prefer, you can authorise someone in your other offices to do this for you. In either case, you will receive an attractive discount if you register more branches.


What about the rights?

If you show normal TV broadcasts in your company, you have to pay Videma rights for them. Because Easyscreen only plays your own clips or clips you’ve ordered from Easyscreen, you don’t have to pay any fees for this.


Can I trial Easyscreen?

Yes, that’s possible! You can opt for a trial subscription. You can test Easyscreen for a period of 2 months. During that period you can decide whether you wish to continue with Easyscreen or stop without further obligation.


Technical Questions

What do I need to start using Easyscreen

To use Easyscreen, you need an Easyscreen subscription. You can order your subscription directly through this site. Once you subscribe you’ll receive your own unique username and password to log in. From this point onwards you work with Easyscreen. You can control Easyscreen from either a PC or a Mac. As well as your subscription you’ll also need to order an Easyscreen Media Player. Your Media Player must be connected to a broadband Internet connection on the one hand and one or more monitors on the other. The clips you want to show on your screen are saved via Easyscreen on the Media Player and displayed at the time you schedule. For this to happen you will of course need a working broadband connection and one or more screens to show the program.


What are digital signage displays/screens?

A digital signage display is a screen that’s used to show information and media to a targeted audience. There’s a variety of types, sizes and sophistication available to fit the purpose of any digital signage solution. Unlike consumer TVs, they have been specifically built for the demands of commercial use.


What kind of screen can I use for Easyscreen

You can use almost any LCD / LED or Plasma screen. The prerequisites are that the screen is widescreen (16: 9) and that it has an HDMI or VGA connection. The size of the screen doesn’t matter. You decide how big you want it to be.


Can I display Easyscreen on my existing screen?

You can use almost any LCD / LED or Plasma screen. The prerequisites are that the screen is wide-screen (16: 9) and that it has an HDMI or VGA connection. All modern displays have this today.


Why should I use a commercial display instead of a consumer screen?

The advantage of a professional display screen is that it is designed and built for heavy and prolonged, long-term professional use. A professional screen lasts longer and comes with a 3-year warranty as standard. Plus: If your screen breaks, you’re entitled to an on-site exchange service. With a consumer screen, the supplier often excludes professional use in the warranty provisions and you would not be entitled to an on-site exchange service. But, Easyscreen works well on both types of screens!


Why are consumer TV screens not bright enough to be used as digital signage?

Thanks to its higher luminosity, digital signage displays have a brighter, clearer picture, which your digital signage needs in order to be eye catching and captivating. The light output/luminosity of a consumer TV is generally only around 200-300 nits, while digital signage displays can have 1,000 nits or more. By having four or more times as many nits, a digital signage display has the capacity to output more light and create a brighter, more bold display. With greater brightness comes greater detail and contrast: your images, graphics and videos can all be displayed with every detail visible to your audience. Additionally, lots of digital signage displays are outside, which puts a screen against its greatest enemy: the sun. The intense light output of a digital signage display allows it to fight back and remain clearly visible even under the harshest conditions.


How do digital signage displays end up being cheaper than consumer TVs?

A consumer TV is a cheaper initial investment, but will not survive the long operating hours demanded of them. You’ll end up spending more on electricity, getting them repaired, replacing them every year or so and lose revenue due to downtime whilst they are replaced. The ROI is higher with a digital signage display – without even factoring in a digital signage display’s superior visual performance and the greater results as a result of it.


Why is the functional capability of a consumer TV too limited for digital signage?

Compared to a consumer TV, commercial displays have:

  • Wider viewing angles
  • More size options
  • Thinner panels
  • Touch screen
  • Portrait mode
  • Many come with a built-in media player (System On Chip)
  • Video wall options (no bezel)


Is a digital signage display built to be more physically attractive than a consumer TV?

Commercial displays are more attractive due to:

    • The cables of the displays can be neatly concealed
    • Ultra-thin bezels
    • No external buttons on the bezel
    • No manufacturer’s logo on the bezel


What types of digital signage displays can you use?

Digital signage displays come in 4 forms: tablets, LED/LCD, interactive and video walls


How can tablets be used as digital signage?

Tablets are cheap, a display and media player in one, portable and versatile. They can easily be mounted, built-into or placed on almost any surface without being obstructive, for example at tills, kiosks, product shelves, public transport, doors and more. This creates new digital opportunities that the larger interactive displays can’t achieve.e


What’s the benefit of using a video wall instead of an LED?

As LED displays have become commonplace, video walls are becoming popular to stand. Video walls are made by placing a series of displays next to each other and connecting them to create one whole display. This creates opportunities to show content on a screen many times larger than on an LED display and therefore to an audience far greater than a LED display can achieve. You can create a large video in the form of a wall, flower or windmill and emphasise your audiovisual message


What’s the difference between an LED and LCD display?

The difference between LCD and LED displays is minimal, as they are using very similar technology. They are actually both liquid crystal displays, but LEDs use light-emitting diodes instead of fluorescent ones. This slight technological difference means that LED displays are able to be slightly thinner, they are more energy efficient and generally have a superior display quality with sharper colours and deeper black. LCD displays are now being phased out, as LED is seen to be the future of digital signage.


Why are outdoor digital displays brighter than indoor?

In order to fight back against bright sunlight a display must be 700 nits (measurement of light output) or more, so an outdoor display can have up to 10,000 nits and does so whilst consuming as little energy as possible. This means that it can maintain a clear screen visibility and does so in a cost-efficient manner. To prevent wasted energy and irritation to eyes, many outdoor screens will have an ambient light sensor to match its brightness to the outside environment.


How are outdoor displays protected from tough weather?

Outdoor displays have IP rated enclosures (minimum IP65) to keep the display sealed away from dust and the effects of rain, snow and humidity. The annealed glass used for outdoor displays is four times stronger than what’s used for indoor digital signage. This makes it more resilient to shattering and general wear.


They also have a cooling system to keepthe temperature within the seal regulated, preventing damage from hot environments and the heat emitted by the screen itself. The core panels are also made resilient to heat variations, as any fluctuations would weaken the components and create moisture.


Can outdoor displays connect to the internet?

To connect an indoor display to the internet is simple, as they can usually be connected wirelessly to the Wi-Fi or with an ethernet cable. However, outdoor displays may be just out of reach or spread across locations. In order to maintain live updates and remote control, outdoor digital signage usually has built-in hardware that enables it to connect to a cellular network.


Does an outdoor display have extra security?

As comes with the nature of outdoor and public environments, there are additional security concerns for outdoor displays compared to indoor digital signage. Outdoor displays will have built-in security precautions and safeguards to protect it against hackers. This prevents company data from being stolen and displays from showing unwanted, potentially offensive content.


Is it necessary to have an external media player for digital signage?

Some digital signage displays come with a built-in media player, which is called ‘system on chip’. This is more time- and cost-effective than buying, installing and connecting a standard TV to an external media player. A clear bonus of system on chip is that the media player does not need an internet connection to connect to the display.


What Are Digital Signage Media Players?

A digital signage media player (also “digital signage player”) is a physical device that connects to a digital signage display and a computer network. It receives media files from a digital signage software server, processes them and then relays them onto the display.


Quite often a media player is black and a bit clunky. However unattractive they may seem, they are absolutely vital. A high quality display and its content will take all the credit, but it’s the media player that does all the unseen heavy lifting.


Is it possible to use a PC that hasn’t been built for the purpose of being a media player?

They are reducing in size, but a PC is still too large for effective use as a digital signage media player. Their size makes them too difficult to mount or hide, which can make it impossible to safely and attractively keep it close to digital signage displays. A custom-built media player can be stored in a closet or on the ceiling, which makes things much simpler. Another big issue, resulting from the fact that they aren’t built for digital signage, is that they have lots of moving parts inside them, including a fan and hard disk drive. This makes them less durable in the testing environments that they’ll be required to be in for digital signage, due to dust and grease collection.


What is an Android-based digital signage media player?

Android media players are built around Google’s Android operating system, so an evaluation of them will mostly mirror that of the operating system. They offer a lot of the functionality of using a PC, but do so at a more affordable price. You can buy ‘IAdea’ media players that are dedicated to the Android operating system and are offered by Easyscreen.


Can digital signage media players be controlled remotely?

Depending on the scale of your solution, you might have lots of media players across a large area or across locations. If this is the case, media players that are connected to the internet and have full remote control will make life easier, as content can be updated from anywhere, they can also be programmed to turn on and off automatically, have health checks and be remotely checked for proof-of-play.


What Is Digital Signage Content?

The content of digital signage is simply the forms of media shown on the displays, but there’s a wide range of content creation and management options. All users of digital signage have unique objectives, locations and audiences, so all digital signage content is unique, too.


What are the Options for Sourcing Digital Signage Content?

  • Your own creations
  • Third-party advertising
  • News & Entertainment


Can you have live data feeds in your digital signage content?

With HTML5 you can incorporate a live data feed into your content, which means that the information you display will be updating itself automatically. By integrating an RSS feed as an XML file – which means that the information is formatted into characteristics that allow it to be displayed attractively in a logical format – into your digital signage content, your displays will always be up-to-date and remain fresh whilst minimising the time spent managing content. Instead of needing to manually scan sources for information, finding what’s relevant and then implementing it into your digital signage, an RSS feed will do it all for you. A live feed of blog articles, press releases or other regularly updated content from the sources you trust will be displayed. To keep it branded, the RSS feed can display all the latest content and social media posted online by the company itself.


Can you sell your digital signage as a space for advertising?

As TV advertising opportunities are diminishing, brands are looking for new methods to advertise. Digital signage gives brands and advertisers the opportunity to show dynamic, engaging content in high-impact and relevant public locations to targeted audiences. As a result, many businesses are buying digital signage to then rent it to businesses as a space for advertising. How much you’ll be able to charge will not just depend on how many people see the screen, but the quality and relevance you can provide. If you find the right advertiser, you’ll be providing content that’s appropriate to your customers and improving their experience with you.


What Does Digital Signage Installation Involve?

Your digital signage solution will have two types of hardware devices: displays/screens and media players, which will be installed in various areas across your location (or locations). There’s lots of options for how and where to install these devices, but there’s also plenty of limitations too.


Your displays will need to stay connected to its corresponding media player and both will need to be installed safely. A thorough examination – a site survey – should be conducted early, so your solution’s dynamics, hardware and scale can be designed around what your space allows. And all of this needs to be done with your chosen objectives in mind. For example, if your objective is to create an exciting and welcoming entrance for your customers, you’ll be assessing your options for potentially installing a screen above your reception, a tablet on the desk, a grand video wall, interactive kiosks and more.


How does Customer Service work at Easyscreen?

As a member of Easyscreen, you can make free use of the online helpdesk. You can contact the online help desk to ask any questions about Easyscreen functionality and report any faults.


I do not have an internet connection yet, what should I do?

No problem, you can also request an internet connection via Easyscreen. Indicate when you subscribe that you don’t yet have an internet connection and we can arrange this for you at a very favorable rate.


How do I connect the media player to an internet connection?

The media player is equipped with a standard network / ethernet connection that can be connected to your modem / router by means of a standard network cable.


Can Easyscreen help me with the installation?

Of course! When you place your order you can specify whether you want to install yourself, or if you’d prefer to have an experienced Easyscreen installer do this for you.


What is HD?

HD stands for High Definition. There are different variants (720i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p). These are often all referred to as HD. The best variant is 1080p. We call that Full HD. Full HD gives you the sharpest possible image. The Easyscreen media player is Full HD, 1080p. So, the best of the best!


Can I connect multiple screens to one media player?

It is possible to connect multiple screens to one media player. They will have to be worked with so-called video distributors. A video cable (VGA / HDMI) goes from the media player to the video distributor. Then a (separate) video cable (also VGA / HDMI) goes to each screen from the video distributor. The determination of the type of distributor therefore depends on the video cable type (HDMI or VGA) and the number of screens. We recommend using VGA with multiple screens / monitors. This applies to one program running synchronously across multiple screens.


Supported browsers

Easyscreen 3.0 supports the following browsers:

IE 11, Safari 5.1.7, Chrome 39.0,Firefox 33.0

Used plug-ins:

HTML5 video, HTML5 WebSocket API, HTML5 Local Storage, JavaScript, Cookies

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