Digital Signage for Gyms and Fitness Centers

Screens and Smart TVs can no longer be ignored by gyms and fitness centers. It's self-evident that as soon as there's a serious workout to be done, outcome your customers' mobile phones, and on goes Spotify.

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If you want their attention, then treat them to a healthy dose of digital signage from Easyscreen. With user-friendly tools, you can easily compile your program and create content for any moment you desire. Create a relationship with your audience and tell them everything about your group lessons, promotions, opening hours, the latest news, and top entertainment.

Tip: sell your screen space to fellow neighborhood entrepreneurs. Make your digital signage extra advantageous!


digital signage on digital displays for fitness clubs & gyms

Entertain your visitors while they exercise


Easyscreen offers various video magazines that are specially made for your target group. Choose from sports, music, games, health, fashion, or the popular Zap service that highlights trending topics from YouTube. You can also choose Quest Braintainment that shows short, often funny animated videos and quizzes. We also have an extensive news library with national and international entertainment news.

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Let them experience it with you

Live TV

Digital signage for live sports. Never again miss out on sales during a World Cup, Formula 1, or the Olympics. From now on they'll be able to see the best sporting moments with you. Live TV is extremely affordable and easy to use. Switch smoothly and quickly between your content and that of popular channels. With the screen layout function, you provide live action alongside your message!

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Decide for yourself if it works

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Mouthwatering Digital signage

Menu TV

Show what you have on the menu. Include current prices, offers, and opening hours. In short, from digital signage to mouth-watering anticipation.

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Attract visitors

Swimming pool temperature

With our degree Celsius feature, you can accurately display how warm the water of your pool is.

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Always up to date with the latest news

Sport news

You can easily use our widgets and links to simultaneously broadcast all the current sports news on multiple screens. Choose from our library full of local, national, and international sports news. We have also developed useful widgets for special sports events.

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Customer stories


Fit For Free

Easyscreen: the energy behind Fit For Free

Fit for Free transmits its own Easyscreen digital signage channel to many of its gyms. The Easyscreen system provides no fewer than 80 branches in Belgium and the Netherlands with premium content and local information.

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Drie Essen

Versatile swimming pools

"The biggest advantage of Easyscreen? You can inform customers in a short, direct, and appealing way about important things such as lesson times and expiration dates."

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Club.TV, where technology and design come together to create the most dynamic content available

"We decided to enter our partnership with Easyscreen because their digital signage platform contained exactly the features we were looking for: professional, user friendly and with the option to make the adjustments we wanted."

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  • Discover the convenience of our digital signage software
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