Wayfinding TV

Because breadcrumbs create such a mess.

Point your visitors in the right direction and improve their visitor experience

Wayfinding TV provides an onscreen overview of the different rooms in the building and enables visitors to quickly and easily find the room they are looking . This is particularly useful for conference rooms, corporate office buildings and healthcare institutions such as hospitals.

Two basic setups


Points your visitors in the right direction.

Floor widget

Show, for example, which company is on which floor.

Visitor experience

Provide a more positive visitor experience


Easily point your visitors in the right direction

Front desk

A must-have for your front desk

Your staff have more time

Your staff are asked less questions


The look and feel of Wayfinding TV can be customized to match your style. This product offers a reliable solution for hardware and content management.

  • Add your company logo
  • Adjust colours

HWe’ve developed this product with great care for the application and continue to develop it. Do you have any questions, desires, modifications, and/or additions for this product? We are convinced we can make it suitable for your environment too, so just let us know what you need!

different screens

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How does it work?


This allows you to create fragments for signage. Arrows, floor, events, etc. can be added in Easyscreen. When creating a fragment, you indicate, for example, the direction of the arrow, floors, locations, events, colors and you can add images yourself.

Floor widget

The floor widget shows which floor a
company or department is located. You can enter the desired data in Easyscreen. When creating a fragment, enter the company name/department name and associated floor. You then include the fragment in the programming.

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