Hi, we're Easyscreen

Even if you haven't heard about us yet, your eyes will have already seen us. It's likely they've spotted us as many as 1400 times. At the bakery, your doctor, and also at leading retailers and international chains. We create digital signage with entrepreneurs, like yourself, who know they're good and want to share it with their audience in a dynamic and effective way. Easyscreen ensures it works. We're unique. As unique as you.

As unique as you

We are made for you; not the other way around. You can therefore count on super-user-friendly digital signage software and spectacular service. At Easyscreen we are easy on your eyes and our rates are easy on your wallet.

Digital signage

Fun. Easy. Wow! These are the three things that make our digital signage so special. Together with you, we want to surprise people. To ease the waiting time. To point the way. To entertain. To train. To attract. To explain. In short, we do everything to accelerate your business with bold digital signage.

We take care of you

Because we understand better than anyone what comes with doing business, we like to work alongside you. Whether you're a big retailer or a rural GP, your business is our business. We deliver a ready-to-use product for every sector that can easily be tailored for you.


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A product from Notice Branded Media

We have been providing digital signage solutions for major brands nationally and internationally for many years. Building on the experience we've gained, we have developed the Easyscreen platform. Our 3 labs, specialised in tech, content and design, have come together to make this software user-friendly, intelligent and attractive.

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