Meetingroom TV

Meetingroom TV

Right room. Right time. Right people. Easy.

Meeting Room Digital Signage

The simplest way to show and edit your schedules

With Meetingroom TV you have everything you need to easily plan a meeting and find it again on a small screen next to the meeting room.

Meetingroom TV can be linked to almost all calendars, namely: Google Calendar, Microsoft Office 365, iCloud, Yahoo Calender or iCal. Meetings you place in the calendar automatically appear on the desired screen. A meeting can be scheduled like this from both a PC and a smartphone. Allowing you to reserve the desired space wherever and whenever you want.

You can link the agenda of a room to the display by entering a URL. Changes to the calendar are then automatically retrieved and displayed on the screen. Or upload a iCal file. This will import the agenda of the room. There is no live connection, so changes will not be retrieved automatically.

€ 5,50 per month


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QuickEdit for Meetingroom TV

QuickEdit lets you create, edit, reschedule or even cancel any of your meeting room events – all without having to log into the digital signage system.

Extend control of your Meetingroom TV with QuickEdit

Simple and intuitive, you can now easily update a meeting via your mobile or any browser and see the changes happen directly on the screens.

Exclusive access

To get started, we’ll create your own exclusive QuickEdit ID and unique URL access that you can view from any browser. As soon as you receive it you can update key information in seconds from virtually anywhere. Set the date, change the time or title directly from the link we provide you with.



Two basic setups


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Samsung 10.1" SoC

This Samsung Smart Signage Display with internal chip is a powerful yet elegant solution that suits every environment. Due to the high brightness level of the LED display, it is effective in any indoor location.

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iAdea 10.1" XDS-1078

This LCD screen is made for one purpose only, which is why it performs so well. The coloured LED bars make it easier to see which spaces are available and in use.


Works perfectly with Google calendar


Works perfectly with Windows calendar


Works perfectly with Apple iCal


Can be operated with any type of device

Created by us

Make full use of the possibilities our platform offers


Can be integrated into a video playlist


No manual updates or maintenance required


Can be styled to any preference

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You can make adjustments to your Meeting Room TV to suit your own preferences.

  • Choose from 4 basic styles
  • Add your company logo
  • Add meeting rooms
  • Show up to five planned measurements
  • Adjust colours
  • Available in landscape and portrait
  • Meeting Room TV is available for all media players. However, you can make your displays more attractive with a 10" screen that has built-in media player and light bars on the sides for which you can select the colours. For example, red when space is occupied and green when space is free.
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