Digital signage within the retail and brands industry

Digital signage is a great way to inspire shoppers. Demonstrate why they should buy from you. Tell them a story about your products. Provide information about opening hours or treat them to top entertainment within your store.

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Choose Easyscreen. We know, better than anyone, how to get the most out of your screens. With Easyscreen you have everything you need to turn viewers into customers. Our dynamic content is lovingly made for the eager eyes of a retail audience. Surprise your audience with beautiful playlists that you can easily create yourself. Looking for higher value attention? Link Social Media TV to your channel or choose one of the other features!





Shopper Marketing


Create the ultimate in-store customer experience. Place your screens on product shelves and show your product-specific promotion or demo video. With POS TV you are engaging with your customers exactly where information is being processed, options are being analyzed, and decisions are being made: next to your products, on the shelves.

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Kids TV

Children are fun until they get bored. Don't miss out on sales, give your customers' kids something to look forward to. Keep them busy with Kids TV. A vibrant combination of TV programs, packed with games, cartoons, and music. Bring the kids!

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Social media on your screens? Thumbs up!

Social Media TV

Do you want your posts, likes, and shares on digital signage? With Social Media TV, you can easily integrate all of your social media channels, such as YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram, into your programmed content.

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Reading is fun, but you also need visually attractive content.

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Specially made for your sales environment

Clean Dynamic templates

Keep your customers up to date with current promotions, opening times, and important news. You can easily set up the template yourself. At your request, we can ensure this important feature is designed for your style.

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Digital signage that makes your mouth water

Menu TV

Show what you have on the menu. Including current prices, offers, and the times your kitchen is open. In short, from digital signage to mouth-watering anticipation.


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We can't make it easier than this!


With Easyscreen, you can operate and manage multiple locations. From one central screen, you can create a central playlist for all your branches. Feature: your local branches can create and program their content.

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Customer stories


Hudson's Bay

Hudson's Bay opts for interactive entertainment

"We were looking for accessible and responsible entertainment in the Kids Playzone of our ten new department stores. An innovative, tailor-made total solution that is also scalable."

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116 dealers and 20 service points with Easyscreen

"We use Easyscreen at 116 dealers and 20 service points from Toyota Netherlands. Our After Sales Program plays at the service counter for all sales and service points. Dealers with a showroom also show the Toyota TV developed by Easyscreen in their coffee corner."

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Bike Totaal

Bike stores with Easyscreen

"We use Easyscreen for digital signage in 136 stores. We can adjust our in-store TV program from head office, for example adding national or local campaigns. Easyscreen makes videos for us about specific topics such as bicycle insurance, product information, and campaigns. On the Easyscreen platform, we adjust the programming and the playlists."

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Test our digital signage software completely free of charge. With an Easyscreen demo account, you can immediately see how fast and simple it is to create your digital signage program. Request a demo account via the form on the right. Within five seconds you'll receive a username and password. Simply "Log In" and discover the unprecedented possibilities of Easyscreen.

  • Use live widgets
  • Upload your media
  • Create your playlist
  • Choose from hundreds of templates
  • Link social media such as Facebook and Instagram
  • Choose from countless free stock photos and videos
  • Discover the convenience of our narrowcasting software
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