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Test our compelling digital signage software completely free for 14 days.

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You can create inspiring content and put together creative programs with Easyscreen. Give your digital signage a new and greater dimension with news, offers, video content, or live widgets. Choose from hundreds of templates, and add your logo, colors, and media. The software is user-friendly and powerful enough to manage complex programs across multiple locations. You're in control. We make sure it works!

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Choose from more than 700 templates, images, and videos

With our digital signage software, you have everything you need to make your content stand out! Choose from a giant library full of templates, stock photos, videos, and backgrounds. All the content is developed to deliver high-quality. Surprise your visitors with your personalized program. With our software, your displays are always accurate and focus on developing a bond with your stakeholders!

create digital signage playlists with easyscreen

Create your own playlist

With Easyscreen, you are firmly in the driving seat. Drag fragments and media to your playlist and publish them directly on your screen(s). You can also create your program using start and end times, data, tags, and shuffle.

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The best possible service is accessible to everyone with Easyscreen

Our user-friendly digital signage system consists of our Easyscreen software and a media player. Do you also want screens? No problem. We have those too.

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Narrowcasting live-widget

Attract more attention with our live widgets!

Using live widgets gives your digital signage an extra dimension. Simply link calendars and appointments, display the latest news and weather forecast at your location, or display your Facebook posts live on your screen.

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Upload videos, images and PDFs

Upload your images, videos, and PDFs to personalize your digital signage. Easyscreen makes it easy!


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Screen zones with live feeds

Make your digital signage a success and show up-to-date information about the weather, traffic, or sports scores next to your video content. There is space on the side, bottom, or top of your screen for you to show this information.

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  • “Media Markt asked Easyscreen to install hardware and software for 2 different LED walls in their Dutch offices. The existing LED walls were so different that we adjusted the configuration on site.”
    Media Markt
  • “"We use Easyscreen at 116 dealers and 20 service points at Toyota Netherlands. At all sales and service points an After Sales Programme plays at the service counter. Dealers with showrooms also show Toyota TV, developed by Easyscreen, in their coffee corners."”

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  • Use live-widgets
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  • Create your playlist
  • Choose from hundreds of templates
  • Integrate social media accounts such as Facebook and Instagram
  • Choose from countless free stock photos and videos
  • Discover the convenience of our digital signage software
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