Digital signage within the leisure and hospitality industry

Keep the door open. Take a coat. In the leisure and hospitality industry, the small things make the difference. They are often the reason why customers like to come back to you.


Do you want more satisfied customers? Invest in digital signage, because digital signage lets you engage with your audience and gives them important information. Easyscreen offers you all the tools to make digital signage a success in the leisure and catering industry. From signpost to the menu board and from meeting planner to dynamic information screen. We have the stuff that makes your guests completely pampered.

Menu TV
Digital signage that makes your mouth water

Menu TV

Show at a glance that you can cook with a dynamic overview of the menu, including current prices, the quantities, and the amounts of time that it had been ordered. In short, from narrowcasting to mouth-watering.
No more boring waiting times

News and entertainment

The minutes fly by thanks to our waiting softeners. A balanced mix of items that you can easily put on your playlist. Choose from current channels, local news, and trending topics.

QR Menu TV

Forget about paper menus. Follow health regulations with our contactless solution for restaurants. We have created QR Menu TV, a solution that uses QR codes to display your restaurant’s menu on your clients’ mobile phones and on-screen, thus avoiding contact with surfaces. Show your menu in a dynamic, digital, and contactless way. There’s no need to download any App! Your Menu TV Screen will automatically show your products.

Decide for yourself if it works

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Social on your screens? Thumbs up!

Social Media TV

By showing the content of your social media channels you inspire your visitors to follow, like, and share, or to give a big thumbs up. Create sincere fans and give them a reason to come back!

Let the visitors come

Swimming pool temperatures

With our Celsius link, you tell the degree accurately how warm the water of your pool is. .
They will experience it with you

Live TV

Never miss out on sales during a World Cup, F1, or Olympics. They can now see the best sporting moments from you in the shop. Live TV is extremely affordable and easy to use. Switch smoothly and quickly between your content and that of popular channels. With the screen layout function, you provide live action of your message! .

Customers Stories

drie essen

Drie Essen

Versatile swimming pools Zwemmen bij Drie Essen ‘The biggest advantage of Easyscreen? That you can inform customers in a short, direct, and appealing way about important things such as lesson times and expiration dates. Of course, we also put that news on the website, but not everyone sees that. People

| Easyscreen | Client case

The Albus

Boutique Design Hotel Amsterdam The Albus Hotel “One minute behind your PC and it’s on your screens. Digital signage is an important part of our e-commerce resource mix which Easyscreen provides. We alert people about all of our extra service offers in our hotel through the screen behind the reception

Cool, kunst en cultuur | Easyscreen | Client case

Cool Kunst en Cultuur

Pretty cool. Digital Signage for multiple theaters. Cool Kunst en Cultuur With Easyscreen, performances are shown automatically on the screen. No fiddling around with putting up and changing posters anymore! An ideal system and the guests are informed in the best way.” -Roosmarijn van der Beek, marketing & communications Cool


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