Digital signage for the office and manufacturing environment

Looking for a valuable addition to your internal communication strategy? Then choose digital signage. It is the key to employee engagement.

Recent research has shown that well-informed employees perform better and are happy to make an extra contribution to your results. Easyscreen offers you all the tools to enhance your internal communication. We offer unparalleled software that allows you to create your digital signage program. By using a couple of screens and a few quick clicks of a button you can give your employees, and your company results in the attention they deserve.
illustration laptop and multiple tv screens with social media
The absolute highway to employee engagement.

Team TV

Digital signage within your company: not only very efficient but also very useful. Communicate key metrics such as targets, output, and your company turnover in real-time across multiple locations. Complete the content with company videos or link your digital signage system to your business software such as Salesforce, SAP, or Profit. With Team TV, you ensure employees are involved.
Right room. Right time. Right people. Easy.

Meetingroom TV

Avoid double-booked meeting rooms, unclear meeting schedules, or lost visitors. Integrate calendars to meeting rooms and surprise your guests with a welcome message.
digital signage is used to communicate meet room information and schedules

Decide for yourself if it works

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Social Media TV

Give your office environment an extra dimension, integrate your social channels with our digital signage. You can show what you’re saying on social media as well as your likes, shares, and thumbs up – they all become an indicator of your online success.
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Specially designed for your business environment

Corporate templates

Create unique content with templates that are specifically designed for your business sector. Choose from a variety of templates such as news, calendar, Twitter, or our RSS feed template.
one laptop that controls two screens
Easy management of multiple screens


Want to use multiple screens? With Easyscreen you have complete control over your digital signage system. You determine what is seen from a clear dashboard.

Customers Stories


CNB Bloembollen

Brokerage House CNB Bloembollen “A beautiful addition to our PR.” Flowerbulb brokerage agency CNB has screens hanging throughout the building; at reception, in the trade centre and in the cafeteria. “As a company, you have to move with the times. This is very easy with Easyscreen,” says PR and Communication

Crown business Center |

Crown Business Centers

Digital signage: the crown on Crown Business Centers Crown Business Centers “Easyscreen ensures that controlling multiple locations through one stable digital signage system works.” Crown Business Centers offers flexible workspaces in various multi-company buildings with its fully equipped meeting and office spaces. The business centers offer facilities that directly respond

inholland | Easyscreen | Client case

Juridisch Loket

An integrated Queue Management System for 31 locations. Juridisch Loket “Thanks to digital signage, we provide our visitors with information while they wait for legal advice.”  The Juridisch Loket stands for free legal advice via 31 offices throughout the Netherlands. To create a pleasant atmosphere and to give the waiting customer


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  • Use live-widgets
  • Upload your media
  • Create your playlist
  • Choose from hundreds of templates
  • Integrate social media such as Facebook and Instagram
  • Choose from countless free stock photos and videos
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