No technical knowledge required

Digital signage for leading local businesses

Fragments with news, offers, photos and videos can be made very easily with the help of templates. You can create your own design, modify an existing template or order a customised design from Easyscreen. All the clips you have created are stored online so that you can easily modify them later and use them again.

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Simple installation

Everyone can create and manage digital signage programmes with Easyscreen. You don't need any technical knowledge or complicated software.

Make your own fragments

With Easyscreen you can create online videos and bring your message to your screens. The way you want it, when you want it.

Create programmes

Place fragments in your personal playlist. Determine broadcasting times in advance. In very little time you'll have a complete TV programme showing at your location.

Your own TV channel in just 4 steps

Not a lot of work

Once you've chosen a (trial) subscription, you'll receive a media player and access code for Easyscreen's secure site. Once you connect your media player to the internet and to your screen you can get started immediately. Place fragments in personal playlists. Determine broadcasting times in advance. In very little time you'll have a complete TV programme showing at your location. With our different dynamic templates you can quickly bring your message to your screens. Everything in your own style and when it suits you. Make your programmes even more dynamic with entertainment, current news or content from various other interesting widgets.


Step 1

Effortlessly custom video animation


Step 2

Add fragments to your own playlist


Step 3

Through the media player the fragments are visible on your screen


Step 4

Guaranteed success with Easyscreen

Discover how easy it is!

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Easy on screen promotions

Keep your customers up to date with promotions. You can easily upload your promotions to our pre-designed layouts and add them to your programme. Or would you prefer a customised template? We can do that too!


Schedules by time and / or location

With Easyscreen you manage your programmes online. Fast, flexible and simple. Within a secure part of this site, you create playlists with self-made fragments and fragments from suppliers, franchisers or advertisers. If so desired, you can also add extra entertainment from Easyscreen. Simply drag the clips into a playlist in the desired order. At the scheduled time, the TV programme is sent by Easyscreen to the media player at your location. Ready for broadcast!

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Current programmes available through automatic integrations

Within our platform we integrate with external programmes to get all the desired information on screen. Is there another integration you'd like to see on our platform? Let us know and we'll develop it for you.

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Customer stories


Bas de Groenteman

A greengrocer using Easyscreen

"We are very satisfied with the price / quality ratio of Easyscreen. Additional product information and offers are updated online in just a few clicks. The use of audio visual content is a great enhancement compared to the printed leaflets we had previously."

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The Albus

Boutique Designer hotel in Amsterdam

"Digital signage is an important part of our e-commerce resource mix. And Easyscreen plays an important role in this."

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Test our digital signage software completely free of charge. With an Easyscreen demo-account you can immediately see how fast and simple it is to create your own digital signage programme. Use the form to request a demo-account. Within five seconds you'll recieve a username and password "Log In" and discover the unprecedented possibilities of Easyscreen.

  • Use live-widgets
  • Upload your own media
  • Create your own playlist
  • Choose from hundreds of templates
  • Integrate social media such as Facebook and Instagram
  • Choose from countless free stock photos and videos
  • Discover the convenience of our digital signage software
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