Real estate digital signage

Digital Signage for real estate

Do you still use printed posters to advertise the houses and apartments you sell? That’s old-fashioned! And it also takes a lot of time and money to printing.


We are trusted by top clients:

With Real Estate TV we will ensure more sales and you will be able to put your brand in your shop window!

We make it easy for you

Increase your turnover

With a modern look, fantastic presentation of the property offers and the possibility of selling ads.

Connect with your customers

Share company information and ensure a connection with your customers. You can show much more than just housing offers such as your social networks, news, or information about the location.

Saves time and money

We help you by easily displaying your housing offer on a screen by linking it to your online housing offer.

Easy to use

Our platform is super easy to use and intuitive. Besides, it won’t cost you anything to connect our CMS with your screens in your store or window.

Design team

You can also present on your screen-specific interactive ads and promotions that we can design for you in our creative department.

Full guidance and support

We help you to easily display your housing information with our immediate phone and email support. We also have several videos on how to use our platform and an introductory guide.

What's wrong with real estate these days?

Potential clients walk in front of the shop windows and the housing offers do not stand out enough, are not shown attractively, and are not updated.

The most effective solution:

Through a spectacular and dynamic presentation of the offers of housings, your offer will stand out more and that will contribute in more sales.

Real Estate TV helps you achieve your goals!

Increase your turnover

The Easyscreen platform provides a nicer presentation of the properties on offer and your offer is up-to-date through an automatic link with your CRM.

Connect with your customers

Use the office branding platform. This allows you to connect with your customers.

Our platform can link to your CRM. For example, we link with Realworks.

DynamiC content

In addition to the housing stock, much more is possible with our software. You can adjust the content in a split second so that you have new content on your screen quickly.

Real Estate TV helps you achieve your goals!

Complete package

75€ per month

A complete package that includes professional displays and our software with direct link functionality to your CMS. The approximate rental price will vary depending on the hardware needed.

1 year

14,50€ per month

€240,- per year* Access to our CMS, a standard package of widgets. Hardware needs to be bought separately.

3 year

11,80€ per month

€174,- per year* Access to our CMS, a standard package of widgets. Hardware needs to be bought separately.

Or try our software for free for 31 days...

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You will love our easy and elegant user interface. Our one-click solution comes with simple content creation tools, complete playlist management, and an extensive library of high-quality images and templates.

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