Social Media TV

Social Media on your digital signage displays? Thumbs up!

Make connections with your audience

Share your social media on your digital signage network

Show what your brand has to say and what others have to say about it.

Social Media TV gives an extra vivid dimension to any environment. Posts from different social media can be streamed live onto your screens. Connect with your audience, anticipate what they say and stimulate interaction and engagement.

With Social Media TV, you can display social media channels on your screen as either full screen or with three different social media accounts at once. With Easyscreen, you can link your desired social media accounts to the clips through your social media accounts or by entering a direct link


The Setups

Choose how you share your connections

Social playlist

Een korte afspeellijst met widgets, speciaal gemaakt om de content van jouw sociale mediakanalen weer te geven. Laat jouw publiek zien waar je merk voor staat.


Give an overview

Met slechts 1 widget kun je de nieuwste berichten op 3 verschillende sociale mediaplatforms weergeven. Hiermee kun je alles in één keer controleren.


Social Media Templates

Gebruik onze templates voor sociale media om snel en soepel een gefilterde activiteitsstroom voor elk social media account weer te geven

Greater Interaction

Generate more content than ever before, as messages are instantly streamed live to encourage others to respond

Brand Insight

Gain insight into your customers by generating more likes and comments on your content, allowing them to express their opinions.

Optimal Sharing

Keep your content up-to-date and interesting by using our templates and content management system.

Real-time Real-life

Real-time content can be streamed on your displays to stimulate real-life conversations in your spaces.

Increase Your Following

More customers will follow you if they are made aware of your online presence and that you share engagements.

Modernize Your Image

Effective social media engagement will show your audience that your brand is modern and fun.

Company knowledge

Show employees what’s going on across industries and markets to keep them focused, productive and motivated.

Brand Trust & Loyalty

Share your best customer tweets and reviews to show potential customers that you are reliable and trustworthy.


You can now engage your audience by synchronizing your social media activity to your digital signage display network. But not only that, you can display your social media wall with your look and feel for optimal brand recognition. Your displayed social media can be made to match your communication needs.
  • Inspire engagement with customer interactions
  • Customize colors themes, images and text
  • Kick-start a hashtag campaign
  • Make adjustments for greater readability
  • Filter the activity that comes through
  • Templates for different social media sites
  • Show multiple social feeds on a display at once
We’ve developed this product with great care for its application, and we are continuing to develop it. Do you have any questions or desires, modifications or additions that you’d like? We are convinced we can meet your demands and make it suitable for your business too, so just let us know what you need!

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