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Inform & tease customers while they wait

digital menu board - menu tv digital signageWith Menu TV you easily inform your guests about your changing daily or weekly menu and specials. Changes in the menu are easy to implement and immediately visible on your digital menu display. You can also use it to stimulate sales using videos and photos.

To make it even easier for you, we have developed a template role especially for Menu TV. You can create a coherent program in no time and show what you have to offer. The Menu TV portfolio consists of seven digital menu board templates, with which you can showcase your products, communicate your opening hours and show your specials. You can choose your colour theme, so you can make it fit in with your image.

Our digital menu boards have designs perfect for restaurants, fast food, bakeries, cafes, sports venues and events.

€ 14,50 per month

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Digital Menu Board Software

Two basis setups

Menu TV

Set Up 1: Manual Input

Use the Easyscreen platform

To fill your digital menu boards with easy-to-use forms. Enter all texts and choose corresponding colours and images. Use countless images (for each branch) from our content library, or upload your own images.

Quick-edit functionality

Make it even easier to make quick adjustments to your menu board. Price change? No problem, within a few seconds you will have adjusted the price on your screen with the quick-edit function. This makes it possible to make adjustments quickly via your own secure URL - without even having to log into our platform!

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Set up 2: Link with your cash register system

Cash Register Integration

We can also integrate your cash register system with Easyscreen. By doing this the products and prices on your screen always match those in your cash register. Select your own style and let Easyscreen do the rest.


Let your visitors know about your promotions

Easy to use

The menu board is easy to adjust, so suitable for a changing daily menu

Waiting time

Ease their waiting time by giving them information

Decision Making

Let your customers decide while they wait and influence their choices

Appealing videos and photos

Use appealing videos and photos to stimulate sales


Your staff don't have to wait for customers who don't yet know what they want

Fully customisable

Tailor-made for all content and for every brand and style to fit your needs.


Your menus can be displayed either landscape or portrait

Menu TV


The look and feel of Menu TV can always be adapted to your own style using our digital menu board templates.

  • Add your company logo

  • Add different categories

  • Adjust colors

  • Available in landscape and portrait

  • Adjust to season, time of day, stock availability

  • Ad-hoc promotions

We've developed this product with great care for its application and we are continuing to develop it.

Do you have any questions or desires, modifications and additions that you'd like? We are convinced we can meet your demands and make it suitable for your business too, so just let us know what you need!

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