Easyscreen: the communication behind Bergman Clinics

Bergman Clinics

Bergman Clinics has grown within 25 years to the biggest network of organized care institutions in The Netherlands. They welcome more than 275.000 visitors per year in more than 50 different locations.

With Easyscreen, Bergman has its own Digital Signage channel for various clinics. It is used in 104 branches in the Netherlands and shows informative and local content.

The Bergman clinics have been customers since August 2016. They acquired 56 media players at that time and continued to expand after that.

How Bergman Clinics uses Digital Signage to improve internal communication at their sites:

Easyscreen has developed a link especially for Bergman Clinics that automatically displays relevant information about all available treatments in the clinics with information about the effectiveness and assessment of other patients. The program is controlled from a central point, so that only one person can easily manage the content for the more than 100 screens.




Most used widgets are:

  • * Availability of doctors in a schedule.
  • * Overview of available personnel in the clinics.
  • * Social media network update from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.
  • * Showing relevant information for patients.


What Bergman Clinics has to say about our Digital Signage:

"Easyscreen is a convenient way to communicate information, such as the doctor's schedule, information for employees and special offers for our treatments".

Manage all locations from one central point:

Cases like of these clinics are succesful because they offer a solution that allows you to show content from one location with intuitive Digital Signage software wherever and whenever you want on all locations.

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