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CNB Bloembollen

“A beautiful addition to our PR.” Flowerbulb brokerage agency CNB has screens hanging throughout the building; at reception, in the trade centre and in the cafeteria. “As a company, you have to move with the times. This is very easy with Easyscreen,” says PR and Communication Assistant Diane Gortzak of CNB. “Easyscreen is a nice addition to our PR activities. We get many customers and relations visiting. With the screens in reception, we can alert them to extra services we offer in addition to our brokerage. The waiting time is psychologically shortened, and we can show beautiful images of the products we trade. The same information is usually shown on the screens in the trading centre and in the cafeteria. It’s also nice for our representatives and the staff to pick up some of the news.”

CNB Bloembollen, customer story

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