Cool Kunst en Cultuur
Pretty cool. Digital signage for multiple theaters.

Cool, Art and Culture

"Digital signage creates greater experience and inspiration. Our visitors are able to see, in real time, what's happening in the various theatres."

Cool (pronounced" Kool ") Art and Culture in Heerhugowaard is the Podium of the City; a lively and hospitable cultural home for all the residents of Heerhugowaard. To enhance the experience and to optimise the information received by their visitors, Cool chose Easyscreen. Especially because Easyscreen develops tailor-made widgets.

Easyscreen delivered to Cool a complete Easyscreen digital signage system with 18 screens. In addition to information, Easyscreen offers a unique feature that has been specifically developed for performing arts organisations: Get-a-Ticket. A user-friendly ticketing system for multiple theatres. The system bundles all the current information about performances and plays them in the theatres relevant to where the performance takes place.