Pretty cool. Digital Signage for multiple theaters.

Cool Kunst en Cultuur

"With Easyscreen, performances are shown automatically on screen. No fiddling around with putting up and changing posters anymore! An ideal system and the gues is informed in the best way."

-Roosmarijn van der Beek, marketing & communications

Cool Kunst en Cultuur in Heerhugowaard is the Stage of the City; a lively and hospitable cultural center for all residents of Dijk en Waard. To enlarge the experience, Cool chose to use Easyscreen.

Easyscreen delivered a complete narrowcasting system to Cool Kunst en Cultuur with 20 screens. Next to templates that are being used for informative messages, Easyscreen also realized a unique connection with the ticket system Get - a - ticket. Future performances are automatically shown on the screens. This way Cool doesn't have to put effort in creating the program for the screens manually. And they definitely don't have to waste their efforts on putting up and changing posters!

Roosmarijn about the Easyscreen team:

"The Easyscreen team is always at our service - either if it is for supporting with creating content or a technical question. You are always being heard and helped in a professional way. It is also fun to notice that they are continiously innovating their own product. A fine party with which we work together happily for 5 years already."