Easyscreen: the communication behind Inholland


Inholland is a high school, specialized in international schooling. They do specific research for the professional practice. They offer broad and accredited study programs on different locations in the big cities.

How Inholland uses Digital Signage to improve internal communication in its educational centers

Inholland offers a wide range of disciplines; from innovation to business to technology and media.

With Easyscreen, Inholland has its own Digital Signage channel for various schools and universities.

The system offers its service in various centers in the Netherlands with customized content and local information. Since March 2019 Inholland uses Easyscreen. They started with Easyscreen at 8 locations with a total of 30 media players.


How Inholland uses Digital Signage to improve internal communication in its schools

Easyscreen has developed various widgets especially for Inholland to share relevant information about its students and courses at all its schools.

In addition, Easyscreen's video program is controlled from a central point, allowing them to control the content of all screens from there.

The setup of the screens is in landscape mode and they use custom content to display everything in their own branding.

The widgets InHolland mainly uses:

  • RSS feed linked to their website
  • Widget with title, text and image
  • Widget de título y descripción sobre noticias
  • Messages from social media channels including Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • Rss feed from different sources


This is what Inholland says about Easyscreen:

"We save money, because printed signs are much more expensive. Easyscreen is a convenient way to communicate information to our students from all the educational centers we have".

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