116 dealers and 20 service points with Easyscreen

Toyota Netherlands

'We use Easyscreen at 116 dealers and 20 service points at Toyota Netherlands. At all sales and service points an After Sales Program plays at the service counter. Dealers with showrooms also show Toyota TV, developed by Easyscreen, in their coffee corners. Both programmes are fully designed with the look & feel of Toyota Netherlands. 'Toyota TV is tailor-made for customers who are waiting or browsing. The programme makes waiting more enjoyable, brings additional atmosphere to the showroom and strengthens the brand experience.The ever-changing content consists of a balanced mix of brand experience, entertainment, information and actions.There is an automatic link to the Toyota Netherlands blog and available used cars. With Easyscreen the local dealers have partial control in their own hands. The head office remotely place national activities and brand-related content within the programming.