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How does it work?


You want to make money with your digital signage channel by offering others airtime, but how does that work exactly? Below we provide several possibilities. If you’d like to talk to us about it, please contact us!

Your existing and new suppliers and partners

Your digital signage channel can be interesting for advertisers. Maybe you show several logos at your entrance, or the names of suppliers appear on communication messages such as flyers or posters. With digital signage, you allow advertisers to put together a unique program focused on their brand. There’s a great potential that new advertisers will find this attractive.

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Reach and environment

How many people will ultimately see the ad? This is the most common question advertisers ask. The location of your digital signage screen is crucial to achieving the widest possible reach. Time duration also plays an important role. How long is your audience present in the vicinity of the screen? Is it like the hairdresser or in a waiting room, or is the contact more volatile in a shopping street?


In the best places, you have more reach so you can ask for more income for an advertisement. To measure the range, we use a calculation you can see in the yellow banner.

If you have a small reach: make smart deals

The number of 1000 people or viewers is not always realistic. Sometimes you are located in a beautiful environment that does not attract many visitors. A rate based on the number of visitors is not essential in that case. The quality of your surroundings or the intensity of the visit plays a better role. We also advise that:


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Once you have calculated the reach of an ad, you can determine what an ad should deliver. This is often calculated based on cost per mille or cost per thousand impressions. Once the price is established an advertiser then pays a fixed amount per 1000 people who have seen the advertisement. On average, for an advertisement, you can ask between €8 and €17 per 1000 people reached. The more people view the ad, the higher the price you can ask for the advertisement.

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