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Interchange your digital signage with 'regular' TV

You've put together a good digital signage program, but sometimes you just want to turn on the TV. Particularly during special events such as World Cup Football or the Olympic Games. Your Easyscreen account enables you to easily switch between your digital signage program and 'regular' TV. So at any time you can follow sporting events, turn on the news or watch other relevant TV programs from your digital signage screen.

Do you want to show this full screen or within a screen layout with, for example, waiting times? Both are possible! If you have a screen layout, then on your screen where the videos normally play, that one exciting match is shown.

Included in the Full Power License*

*Advanced player needed.

Two basic setups

Full video

Show Live TV full screen. Ideal during important competitions. This product offers a reliable solution for hardware and content management.

tv scherm met wachttijden dokter

Screen zones

If you have a zonal screen layout, then in the area of the screen where your videos normally play, you can broadcast important matches live.


Watch TV in realtime


Handy for sports shops, sports bars, sports clubs and for waiting areas


Lift the atmosphere of an event



At any moment in time you're in full control of every location


Image by Image


Only suitable for XMP 6400


Customers spend more time at your location


Only suitable for TVs with HDMI input

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