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‘The use of a digital channel in our residential complexes is really of additional value. Not only it is service-oriented to the residents; it is also efficient for our resident consultants,’ says Menno Busman, cluster manager Woonzorg Nederland.


Woonzorg Nederland is a nationwide housing coöperation which is specialized in senior housing. The housing coöperation is continuously researching innovative solutions. Replacing the old school bulletin board with a digital channel in about 300 buildings is one of these. Because of this resident consultants and resident commissions can share information related to the residential complex with just one mouse click. Not only Woonzorg Nederland is enthusiastic about the application; residential commissions are as well.


73-year-old Piet Mulder explains: ‘I think this digital development is amazing and of such value for the speed with which you can communicate. Definitely, if there are unforeseen circumstances. Within a couple of minutes, you can read about it on screen.’

Quick provision of information through Easyscreen narrowcasting

Under the flag, Woonzorg Thuis TV messages that are relevant for residents are broadcasted in the branding of Woonzorg Nederland. This includes information about maintenance, safety, activities, or disruptions.


Also, residential commissions in the residential complexes have the opportunity to share information. These items are always up to date and this way the digital screen keeps attracting the attention of the residents.

Working even more efficiently because of Easyscreen

The residential consulants of Woonzorg Nederland work even more efficiently because of Woonzorg Thuis TV and have more spare time to have personal contact with the residents…


Implementation Woonzorg Thuis TV

Over a couple of months, Easyscreen has delivered to 300 residential complexes:

  • 50” Philips screen and bracket
  • Media player for managing content from the Easyscreen platform
  • Router and data for network connection
  • Creating over 200 accounts
  • 6 Woonzorg Nederland templates
  • Online training for department Communication, residential consulents, cluster managers and residential commission
  • Instruction videos for use of specific Woonzorg setting

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