Whether you have several pharmacies or are an independent pharmacist, with digital signage you make waiting for a prescription more than worthwhile. You improve the service to your customers because you communicate professionally. Digital signage allows you to tell your customers more about your services and products. In short, with digital signage, you build more satisfied customers and you create a pleasant atmosphere in your pharmacy.

digital signage to improve patient satisfaction

Waiting? Your customers don’t like it

As a pharmacist, you like to take your time with your customers. But each individual customer can potentially have major consequences for the waiting time of the next customer. Waiting times in healthcare often lead to misunderstanding and irritation because customers do not know why and what they are waiting for. As a pharmacist, you can do something about this. Digital signage offers you extra opportunities because with screens in your store or above the prescription counter of the pharmacy you can better inform the customers.

A welcome guest at the pharmacy.

Digital signage has proven itself in Dutch pharmacies as an extremely effective way to ease the impact of waiting time and create a pleasant atmosphere that, in turn, makes an important contribution to customer satisfaction. It’s scalable and that makes it extremely affordable and efficient whether you’re equipping a small independent practice or multiple pharmacies that form a larger chain.

8 Reasons for using digital signage in your pharmacy

digital signage displays in a pharmacy waiting room

Fewer misunderstandings thanks to a digital sequence number system

Digital signage is easily linked to a digital number sequencing system. The number sequence forms an integral part of the information displayed on your screens creating order and preventing misunderstandings. Thanks to the number tracking system, you have control over the queue of waiting for people and can be sure your customers are directed to the right counter or member of staff.

Video: from information to entertainment.

Video content is another proven and effective way to ease the impact of waiting time in your pharmacy. Video clips of medical news such as healthcare innovations are extremely popular and thanks to simple widgets you can automatically display the latest news on the digital signage screens in your pharmacy. There are many options to choose from with informative and educational videos available from suppliers such as Homecare and NHG videos, NU.nl medical news and BBC Health.

World news in your pharmacy.

Display the news in the form of international news or local news flashes. Once the news widget is installed, the news is automatically updated. You maintain control and can decide which news your customers see via the settings on your digital signage menu.

Information about your pharmacy.

Forget the leaflet or the torn poster hanging sadly on the wall. Keep your customers informed of current promotions and events via digital signage and build a strong image to develop your base of satisfied customers. You can introduce your team or communicate opening hours. Provide answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) and reduce the workload for your staff. With digital signage, your practice is front and center.

Waiting room digital signage

Digital signage can be used in both the waiting room and the main shopping area. Different screens can be operated and controlled from a central dashboard.


Do you have a group practice? Or, are you part of a medical center? Position screens to use digital signage for signposting. Provide clear directions for your customers and visitors via a central screen with a map.

Multiple waiting rooms

Digital signage is a scalable medium. A medium that allows multiple screens as well as the option for different locations to display unique information. Regardless of where they are located, you can see what’s displayed on all the different screens via a central control screen. So you know, in real-time, that the correct content is being shown with the appropriate corporate identity at all your locations. Individual locations can easily add content themselves but you remain in control.

Pharmacy digital signage: a valuable medium

The screens in your pharmacy also have great value potential for advertisers. Advertisers large and small, national or local would like to connect with their target group through your screens in your pharmacy. Your campaign or promotion is also best suited to the place it belongs: on screen – right in front of your audience in the waiting room of your pharmacy. No flyer or leaflet can compete with this.


Easyscreen: One-stop-shop Digital Signage Software

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Here at Easyscreen, we are a one-stop-shop. So we can help you every step of the way. We can provide you with your digital signage displays and media players, but also much more. We supply you with our platform’s content creation and management software and then take care of installation and maintenance.

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