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Digital Signage Meeting Room Booking

A clear overview of meeting schedules, book your meetings and meeting rooms easily, and show who has booked, automatically, without any intervention. Digital signage meeting room booking prevents double bookings. Try Meeting room TV on your digital signage. The screen next to the meeting room shows you exactly what the meeting is on. And that is not the only feature of course…

Book a meeting room anywhere, anytime

We developed several connections with the most popular online calendars like Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Microsoft Calendar. You can add as many meeting rooms as you like, so it is suitable for small and large organizations. If you plan your meeting on your smartphone or book your meeting room via your laptop, automatic synchronization makes sure it is shown on-screen within seconds. MeetingroomTV always shows the current situation, no matter how often you change.

Give me the look

You can use different designs and ways to show MeetingroomTV on screen. Stunning templates are already in the platform, but if you like to have templates in your branding, we are happy to help you out. Moreover, if you like to combine the meeting schedule with news, company information or entertainment, everything is possible. Our platform is an extensive one that allows you to show your audience what you like.

Get a clear overview now with Meetingroom TV

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Are you looking for an easy and transparent way to show your meeting schedule and have a clear insight into your meeting rooms? Get rid of the meeting room hassle and let us fix it with a Meeting room TV. Visit our website or contact us directly.

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Did you know: Coming late for meetings has a top 5 position of most annoying office habits, according to an article that The Huffington Post published in 2015.

Digital Signage

This isn’t the only way you can improve your internal communications with digital signage. Read more about it here.

Easyscreen: One-stop-shop Digital Signage Software

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Here at Easyscreen, we are a one-stop-shop. So we can help you every step of the way. We can provide you with your digital signage displays and media players, but also much more. We supply you with our platform’s content creation and management software and then take care of installation and maintenance.

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We are confident that your company will experience the benefits of digital signage with our software and help, just like our other customers across many industries already do. That’s why we offer a free trial.

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