Gyms and Fitness Digital Signage

Easyscreen is a plug and play digital signage software that allows your gym to display useful and inspiring content on any screen and in no time at all.

With user-friendly tools you can easily compile your own program and create content for any moment you desire. Create a relationship with your audience and tell them everything about your group lessons, promotions, opening hours, the latest news and top entertainment.


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Grow your engagement with less effort

Using digital signage screens saves communication time and connects the visitors to your gym or finess club.


    • Engage your audience with dynamic content

Create visually appealing customer experiences in your gym or fitness facility by showing content that updates in real time - including your own messages, as well as external content from Social Media or information from news sources based on your customer's location.

    • Improve your visibility globally and save time with an automated feed

Manage multiple locations, tell them a story about your gym services or lessons, provide information about opening hours or easily add news, or videos about health and fitness topics.

    • Full service with affordable hardware

Use a range of professional and affordable screens and media players that have an easy set up procedure and use technology that is advanced and proven.

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We are committed to your success:

Our enterprise team  has over a decade's worth of expertise helping sport and fitness business like yours to achieve their digital signage projects.

illustratie van fitness workout door een vrouw voor tv scherm in sportschool

Quick and easy 3-step set up

All you need is an internet connection. We'll provide you with our media player and digital signage software.

1. Dynamic creations

Login to the Easyscreen platform and create your content by choosing from our variety of ready-to-use-templates, apps and widgets. Customize it with your logo, colours and media, or upload your own content.


2. Display compatibility

Plug our media player into your display. Our device easily connects to any size HD screen, TVs or even projector walls.


3. Multiple locations

Schedule content to one or more displays across multiple locations thanks to our dynamic playlists. You´re in control over your screens and can even do so remotely.


Key Features

Team hardlopers, team tv, kpi tv


Easyscreen offers various video magazines that are specially made for your target group. Choose from sports, music, games, health, fashion or the popular Zap service that highlights trending topics from YouTube.

You can also choose Quest Braintainment that shows short, often funny animated videos and quizes. We also have an extensive news library with national and international entertainment news.

Live tv, scherm met afbeelding van wedstrijd met daaronder

Live TV

Digital signage for live sports. Never again let your customer miss out on a World Cup game, Formula 1 or the Olympics. From now on they'll be able to see the best sporting moments with you.

Live TV is extremely affordable and easy to use. Switch smoothly and quickly between your own content and that of popular channels. With the screen layout function you provide live action alongside your own personal message!

swimming pool temperatures

Swimming pool temperature

With our degree Celsius feature you can accurately display how warm the water of your pool is.


fullscreen image of football match

Sport news

You can easily use our widgets and links to simultaneously broadcast all the current sports news on multiple screens. Choose from our library full of local, national and international sports news. We have also developed useful widgets for special sport events.


"Fit for Free transmit their own Easyscreen digital signage channel to many of their gyms. The Easyscreen system provides no fewer than 80 branches in Belgium and the Netherlands with premium content and local information."

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You’ll love our easy and sleek user interface for gyms and other fitness companies. Our one click solution comes with simple content creation tools, complete playlist management and an extensive library of high quality images and templates.

Test our compelling digital signage software completely free of charge for 14 days. We’ll send you an email with your username and password, then you just need to log-in and start browsing.

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